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Where can I find professional DirecTV installers?

Finding Authorized DirecTV Installers

Proper installation of a new DIRECTV system is vital for ensuring long-lasting enjoyment. When choosing whom to buy your DIRECTV system from, make sure their installers are all CEDIA certified. This certification ensures the installer has been properly trained, warranties his/her work, and carries insurance.

If you bought your system from a retailer that does not offer installation you can still get professional help with your installation. Start with your phone book and look up ‘satellite TV'. There should be many listings for professionals in your area. If the yellow pages do not give you your answers, you can use the Internet.

There are many online directories such as and Yahoo Directory that categorize websites available online. There are categories for satellite TV installation and in these you can quickly find DIRECTV installers that can help you. Don't try to tackle this installation on your own. The costs of a professional DIRECTV installer are far less than when you need to replace your system after a poor installation attempt.

How do I install DirecTV in an apartment building?

Steps to Install DirecTV in an Apartment

You can install DIRECTV in most apartment building and complexes, as long as you are allowed. If you want to get DIRECTV in your apartment, here are a few steps you should follow in the process to make is hassle free.

Contact Your Landlord/Homeowner's Association – Apartment buildings are usually rentals. If you rent your apartment and want to install DIRECTV, you should consult with your landlord first. There may be restrictions for these units and you want to be sure you are allowed before you spend the money on the system. Similarly, many homeowners association dictate the practices of an apartment complex. If you own your apartment, get clearance from your homeowner's association.

Contact a DIRECTV retailer – You will need to get a subscription for the DIRECTV service as well as the necessary equipment. Once you have ordered your service, your equipment can either be sent to you or brought to you by a DIRECTV technician. If you are having it delivered, it usually takes no more than a few days to get there.

Contact an Installer – An apartment building isn't the easiest place to mount a satellite dish. When you install DIRECTV in your apartment, let a professional determine the best alignment and position for the Dish. They will get you set up in no time and guarantee the reception stays good or they will come move it for you.

Once these are complete, you have no more work to do besides parking it front of the tube and watching all of your favorite programs on DIRECTV.

How do I go about installing DirecTV on a boat?

Installing DirecTV on Your Boat

For the people who love to be out on the water, but do not want to miss their favorite shows or sporting events, there is a solution. You can now install a DirecTV satellite dish on your boat. Installing DirecTV on your boat is the perfect solution for the weekend boater who is also a weekend warrior.

DirecTV makes kits for installing dishes on boats and RV/campers. One thing is for sure, on a boat, you avoid many of the problems that can hurt a satellite transmission, namely, other structures. On the open water you can get a great signal from DirecTV. If you have a boat and are interested in installing DirecTV on it, I wouldn't advise doing it yourself.

Your boat is a pretty large investment, and one that you shouldn't be quick to drill holes into. With a professional installing your DirecTV system, you can be sure that their work will be insured should anything go wrong. With a professional, you can be pretty sure nothing will, but it is always best to have a safeguard. Installing DirecTV will take a professional less than a day on your boat and on your next trip, you can feel the waves without missing the game.

Where can I find how to install a DirecTV dish on my camper?

How to Install a DirecTV Dish in your Camper

Recreational Vehicles are enjoying a renaissance these days. More and more people are choosing to get in an RV to take a trip, go tailgating, or to see extended family. The demand to keep a family entertained on these trips is great. Cabin fever can sometimes set in without sufficient stimulation. Here is how to install a DIRECTV dish on your camper and keep everyone entertained on your next RV trip.
First, get your equipment from DIRECTV or an authorized retailer. The most important piece of equipment for this install is a specialized “tracking” satellite dish. The dishes will actually lock on to the signal of the DIRECTV satellite and track it as you drive to ensure uninterrupted viewing pleasure.

Once you have the equipment, find a good location on the roof of your camper to mount it to. Keep in mind the height of your camper and how installing a DIRECTV dish may affect your clearance levels for overpasses. If you have the space, the roof of your camper is the best place to install a DIRECTV dish.

Once the dish is mounted, you will want to snake your coaxial cable through the roof to an outlet somewhere inside the vehicle. You can even split the cable in order to get signals to independent TVs with independent receivers. Lastly, connect your coaxial cable to your DIRECTV receiver and then your receiver to your television. Now you should be able to enjoy DIRECTV while on the road, again.

How can I get the best connection from my dish in DirecTV installation?

DirecTV Installation – From Dish to Receiver

The key to any DIRECTV installation is in the connection from dish to receiver. Pointing the dish in the right direction (south) is a necessity. However, once the signal is acquired, you will want a great connection to your receiver from your dish to ensure good quality. Here are a few tips on getting the best connection from your dish to your receiver.

  • Single Connections – When possible, try to not split the cable too many times prior to reaching the receiver. When you splice a cable using a splitter, you can diminish the strength of the signal and the quality of the reception. Try to use longer cable to avoid splitting. If splitting the cable is necessary make sure to use DIRECTV certified multiswitches, diplexers, or in-line amplifiers; your DIRECTV retailer of choice can assist you when choosing these accessories.
  • Quality Cable – Spare little expense when you are connection your dish to your home or receiver. Get a quality cable for your DIRECTV installation and you will have less static and a clearer picture on the TV.
  • A Strong Seal – When you connect your dish to your home, make sure that the cable is well connected. There are attachments that can be added to these types of connections that will insure that it will not come loose unless you want it to. Check you local hardware store for these additional pieces.

Should I get professional DirecTV installation for my home?

3 Reasons for Professional DirecTV Installation

DIRECTV installation is usually best left to professionals. However, if you are going to tackle the project yourself, here are a few reasons you may want to reconsider.

  1. Damage – Often in any installation this complex, the chances of damage to the necessary components is apparent. Many people who attempt DIRECTV installation on their own find that they strip too many nuts or ding up their dish and in the end they cannot get a proper reception. With a professional DIRECTV installation specialist, you can rest assured that they won't damage the components. If they do, they will cover the damages so that you do not pay for the installation or the equipment replacements.
  2. Reception – Anyone can bolt a satellite dish to a wall, but will they end up pointing it in the right direction. Trying to figure out the altitude and other necessary coordinates for optimal dish alignment is not the easiest project. Professional DIRECTV installation experts will know how to quickly analyze your home and figure out the best place for your dish. Their help will give you the best reception.
  3. Free Offers – Most of the time, installation is included in seasonal offers from DIRECTV. If so, why not take advantage of them? Schedule an appointment time for the experts to come out and install your system.

Chances are you could probably get your system set up and running without anyone else's help. But, when that first storm comes that throws your alignment off or pulls your dish from an unsecured mounting, you won't regret letting a professional take care of your DIRECTV installation?

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