Finding Authorized DirecTV Installers

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Where can I find professional DirecTV installers?

Finding Authorized DirecTV Installers

Proper installation of a new DIRECTV system is vital for ensuring long-lasting enjoyment. When choosing whom to buy your DIRECTV system from, make sure their installers are all CEDIA certified. This certification ensures the installer has been properly trained, warranties his/her work, and carries insurance.

If you bought your system from a retailer that does not offer installation you can still get professional help with your installation. Start with your phone book and look up ‘satellite TV'. There should be many listings for professionals in your area. If the yellow pages do not give you your answers, you can use the Internet.

There are many online directories such as and Yahoo Directory that categorize websites available online. There are categories for satellite TV installation and in these you can quickly find DIRECTV installers that can help you. Don't try to tackle this installation on your own. The costs of a professional DIRECTV installer are far less than when you need to replace your system after a poor installation attempt.



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