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What type of audio should I use for my DirecTV system?

Connecting Your DIRECTV System to your Sound System

What would be the use in having a great television picture with terrible audio? Most people, who take the time and effort to set up a DIRECTV system or other satellite system, also take the time to set up a good audio system. Taking care of this is easy. First, you will need the equipment, so if you do not have a receiver that can take a digital audio input, look around for a new receiver and possibly a speaker upgrade.

Once you have your audio system ready, you will have a few options for setting it up with your DIRECTV system. Some people still connect the DIRECTV system to a standard stereo connection with old style cables. For the best sound, you will want to use a digital audio output from your DIRECTV system into your television or receiver. This type of audio will be as clear as your high definition picture.

What's the point in watching great quality TV if you have to strain your ears to hear it? Take the time and spend the extra money to set your DIRECTV system up on a great audio set-up and you will get the most enjoyment out of your TV viewing each night.

Do I need more than one Dish Network Satellite dish to power multiple rooms in my home?

Power Mulitple Rooms with a Single Satellite Dish

Many people stay clear of satellite television because they believe that it will cost an arm and a leg to get reception in more than one room. This is how it used to be, but today, the costs of getting you entire house set up with satellite are no more expensive than with cable. A single satellite dish can power multiple televisions in your home and provide each with a high definition signal.

First determine how many TVs you want to power and whether you prefer high definition TV or a digital video recorder which allows you to pause and record live TV. You will find that a four-room system powered by only one satellite dish, including all of the bells and whistles, ranges from free to under $300. In order to stay competitive, satellite TV providers often include free installation and even free equipment.

If you are thinking of satellite but have been frightened of the costs, contact a DIRECTV Preferred Online Retailer and get an actual quote for your home.

Can I upgrade my DirecTV system to new equipment?

Upgrading Your DIRECTV System

DIRECTV has been around for many years now. As it has aged, the technology in their satellite systems has been improved. New receivers, new dishes, and other developments have vastly improved the services that come with a DIRECTV system. For those that have been subscribers for a long time and still are operating on their original equipment, there are solutions to get them back up to date.

One of the most upgraded pieces of equipment in a DIRECTV® System is the receiver. Most people now want to own a digital video recorder. The original DIRECTV® System did not include this feature. Now, you can upgrade your receiver to include this technology in just a few minutes. If you want to upgrade your DIRECTV® System, you can contact a DIRECTV Preferred Online Retailer and explain your situation.

If upgrades are available, they will walk you through the ordering and get your new equipment sent to you as soon as you like. If you are spending money each month for a subscription to DIRECTV, make sure you are taking advantage of every feature possible. Contact a DIRECTV Preferred Online Retailer to see if you can upgrade your system. It might not even cost you a cent if they have any of their regular specials available.

What are the additional costs of Dish vs. DirecTV satellite systems?

Cost Comparison of Dish vs. DIRECTV Satellite Systems

The costs of different satellite TV systems can vary greatly. Here, we will examine the fees of two of the largest satellite TV providers and you can form your own opinion on which would be best for you and your family. The fees reviewed here are for additional features. Programming fees will vary based on your level of subscription, but these fees are universal to all subscribers.

  • DVR Upgrade – Dish Network offers a DVR upgrade for free while DirecTV charges a $100 additional fee.
  • HD Upgrade – Again, Dish Network offers this upgrade for free while DirecTV charges a $300 additional fee.
  • Equipment Warranty – Dish Network offers a lifetime equipment warranty on dishes and receivers. The DirecTV warranty is only good for 1 year.
  • Additional Rooms – DirecTV has a fee of $5 per additional room for service while Dish provides services for additional rooms for free.
  • Shipping Charges – For initial delivery of your equipment, Dish has no shipping fees while DirecTV charges a $19.99 shipping fee.

Looking at the additional fees of Dish vs. DirecTV paints a pretty clear picture of which ahs the better deals. If you want to know more about the actual services that they both offer, contact their free support lines and they can explain more about their programming. Also keep in mind that these are the standard fees and specials are often available that can reduce or eliminate them.

Should I repair a broken Dish Network satellite dish or just replace it?

Repair or Replace a Faulty Dish Network Satellite

If your satellite reception has been on the fritz lately, there may be a problem with your dish. For subscribers to Dish Network, this problem is really little problem at all. You can choose to have your Dish Network satellite repaired or you can simply replace it. It will all depend on the exact problem.

First, get a specialist to come look at your Dish Network satellite dish. They will usually have a specialist out to you quickly with a call to their service line. Once you have the pro out there, sit back and let them analyze your system. The problem may not be in the dish at all. However, if they discover a problem in your Dish Network satellite dish, you will have 2 options – repair or replace. Sometime the specialist can repair the satellite right there on the spot. Other times, there is nothing they can do.

Satellite dish repairs can be expensive if they are serious. If you have a Dish Network satellite dish, chances are you are still covered by their great warranty. If this is the case, you have an easy choice to make. Simply contact Dish Network and explain the situation. Most likely, you can have a new dish in the main and on its way to you in no time at all.

What's the advantage of shopping for satellite TV services and accessories with an online retailer?

Shopping Online - Online Retailers vs Instore Retailers

Maybe you're ready to add another receiver for satellite TV in another room or you're ready to add satellite TV service to your home. Are you debating over the advantages of online retailers vs instore retailers? If you'd rather do all of your shopping without setting foot outside of the door, you can get satellite TV service by going online and ordering the service or accessories that you need.

• The plus side to shopping online is you'll be able to view descriptions to every available product or service without the hassle of driving around.
• You can easily comparison shop between service providers and their affiliate online retailers to find out what's best for your home and what's the best deal around.
• You can avoid paying tax on accessories and equipment from retailers out of your area by shopping online, thereby achieving additional savings.
• In the area of customer service, online retailers vs instore retailers both have an accessible staff member to answer your questions. Many online retailers have the option of contacting customer service, so if you really want to talk to someone to answer your questions, you can do so.

Can I get all NFL games on DirecTV each week?

NFL Package from DIRECTV

Any fan of the NFL gets frustrated when their favorite Sunday game is not being aired on their local television coverage. Most will end up heading out to a sports bar or restaurant in order to watch their game. What many do not realize is that the only thing those places have that their homes do not have is the NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ package from DIRECTV.

DIRECTV has the exclusive rights to air all NFL games on any given Sunday. Ordering a DIRECTV® System just to see NFL games may seem slightly ridiculous, but when you include all of the other features that come with having DIRECTV® service, it makes a little more sense.

Most of the die-hard NFL fans out there have made the switch from their digital cable over to DIRECTV just for this reason. If you have yet to check out DIRECTV® service for your home, but are interested in seeing your favorite NFL game every week, contact a DIRECTV Preferred Online Retailer for quote on a system for your home. After comparing the costs with your current cable set-up, you may be surprised at the cost savings.

Are there advantages to getting my satellite TV service and equipment from an in-store retailer?

Shopping Instore - Online Retailers vs Instore Retailers

Maybe you've got satellite TV or are considering purchasing a service, but you're really not an Internet shopper. You'd prefer to get your satellite TV service and purchase your equipment and accessories from in-store retailers. There are advantages to going to a store if that's what you prefer.

• Get advice in person from a store associate who can help you select what service or equipment would best suit your needs.

• Avoid waiting to have equipment shipped to you when ordering via Internet.

• Avoid the hassle of having to re-package and ship an item if you need to return it.

How do I get multiple DirecTV units for multiple TVs in my house?

Multiple Room Systems – A Must for DIRECTV

Start by contacting A DIRECTV Preferred Online Retailer. If you are a previous subscriber, ask about specials that are running now for multiple units. These are most often used to attract new subscribers, but DIRECTV won't leave their old subscribers out to dry.

No more remote control fights and if you choose to get the DIRECTV® DVR, you can also record the live programming in case someone in the other room has something you ‘absolutely need to see'.

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