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Is there a portable satellite TV device available?

Get Mobile with Your Satellite TV

Want to take your satellite TV with you? You can carry satellite TV in the palm of your hand with a new product called the PocketDish from DISH Network. This portable gadget is capable of carrying 20 hours of television playtime once you download the programs onto the device. You'll be able to view your favorite TV shows and sports events on an LCD screen. The PocketDish comes in three models from a compact two inch screen to a seven inch "widescreen". And if satellite TV wasn't enough for you – you'll be able to listen to music in MP3, WMA, and WAV formats, store your favorite photos, and play everything from brainteasers to role-playing games as well.

Have cable companies done anything to compete with satellite companies in the HDTV market?

Cable Company to Compete for HDTV Market

The cable companies and major satellite TV companies like DIRECTV and Dish Network have been competing for their share of the market space to offer HDTV to the consumer market. One cable company, Cablevision Systems Corporation, has thrown its hat into the mix as a HDTV provider. However, Cablevision has decided to compete by adding its own satellite TV service under Rainbow DBS to offer 39 HDTV channels. The competition continues between the Big Three. Before purchasing your satellite features, assess what you want from your programming guides and what features are important to you. Then, take a look at all the players and review consumer reports sites for more information on products and services.

Is XM radio available with satellite TV subscriptions?

Satellite TV and Satellite Radio Join Forces

For customers who already have satellite TV service with DIRECTV, XM radio has been made available as part of the subscription service. XM radio, a satellite radio service initially targeted to mobile listeners like commuting drivers, normally charges a monthly subscription fee. However, DIECTV has partnered with XM radio to offer its customers a selection of free music channels. DirecTV customers under the Total Choice plan, will have access to 50 XM radio stations while Choice Plus subscribers will get over 60 channels of XM radio channels to choose from. This change in subscription means that DIRECTV customers will get to channel surf both satellite TV and satellite radio.

Are there practical uses for satellite TV for a business or school?

Use Satellite TV for Your Communication Needs

There's more to satellite TV than unlimited channels of programming to choose from. Satellite TV can provide benefits for classroom or your business needs. Get wired into a satellite uplink with a broadcast service that lets you distribute live or taped information. For educational uses, you have a reliable means of transmitting news broadcasts and classroom lectures to multiple locations via a satellite uplink. If you're a business, you can use a satellite uplink for teleconferencing and conducting interviews.

What is interactive TV?

Interactive TV

Television programming isn't what it used to be. You used to just click the channel and pick a show. Now, there's Interactive TV or iTV. Interactive TV is popular among millions of viewers in parts of Europe and set to be part of television sets among U.S. homes by the end of 2006. Interactive TV is the combination of video on demand, viewer-centric advertising, video games, and Internet content.

Just how interactive is it? Imagine the television will gauge your response to advertising and cater its commercial content to your tastes. Whether you find iTV to be an exciting new way to use technology or a bit too engaging, it certainly will alter television in the future.

Is there a way to enjoy my satellite TV while I'm on the road?

Satellite TV Gets Rolling

If you're on the road and you're afraid you're going to miss your multi-channel satellite TV programming from home, don't despair. Take your satellite TV with you in your RV, car, or truck. Heading out on the water? There's a mobile system available for your boat as well. Satellites for RV and boats allow you to view your favorite channels while traveling or out at sea. If you're concerned about interruptions to your service through inclement weather like rain or dewy conditions, models on the market are available that can provide you with clear service through a wet environment.

How does satellite TV work with high definition TV?

All About High Definition TV (HDTV)

High Definition TV - If you've been anywhere around a civilized, television watching consumer nation lately, you've probably heard the term mentioned. But what exactly is high definition TV and what is all the hype about? Well, HDTV delivers an amazing picture like quality to your television screen for starters. HDTV is a digital television format that provides higher resolution images due to the more detailed signal that an HD signal sends to your screen.

Here's why HDTV has such a picture perfect impact on your screen. Traditional television signals utilize analog to send information to your screen. Clarity and color can be measured in terms of lines of resolution. HDTV uses a cable or satellite TV signal to send the same information to your television set at about twice the resolution. Not only do you get an amazing, crisp picture with HDTV, you also get the sound quality of Dolby digital surround sound as well. In order to view a high definition signal from satellite TV, you must have a high definition television.

Can I learn a foreign language on satellite TV?

Brush up on a Foreign Language via Satellite TV

Have you been meaning to dust off that old Spanish language book from college for an upcoming trip to Spain, but you've been spending too much time in front of the tube instead? Now you can do both at the same time. Satellite TV channels often carry foreign language channels. Train your ear for that foreign language you wanted to learn before traveling to another country. If you want a more interactive approach, look for a satellite TV channel that is specifically geared towards teaching a language. You can choose from a range of languages, including Spanish, French, and German.

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