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Where can I find a DirecTV sports schedule?

Accessing Your DIRECTV Sports Schedule

So you aren't sure which games are on which channels in the coming days or weeks. If you are a sports buff and are a subscriber to DIRECTV, you can get their sports schedule from many places.

First, check on your DIRECTV advanced programming guide. It can show you the programming coming up on every channel in the coming days. You can even browse by subjects or titles such as ‘sports' or ‘football'.

Keep in mind; many sporting events are not scheduled until they are fairly close. For these events, you will want to stay up to date with the DIRECTV sports schedule and the best way to do this is on the DirecTV website.

What college sports are available from DirecTV sports packages?

DIRECTV Sports Packages for College Sports Fanatics

Are you a fan of all college sports? Maybe you prefer college basketball over football, but if it involves your alma mater then you will watch it. If this is you, then you would benefit from the DIRECTV sports packages that they offer for college athletics. Here are the current promotions that are running for college sports from DIRECTV.

ESPN GamePlan – You can watch top college football teams battle every Saturday with ESPN GamePlan. Get up to 15 games each Saturday during the regular season. Combine this with a DIRECTV DVR and you can watch up to 10 full games a day! What could be better for a true college football lover. The DIRECTV sports package including ESPN GamePlan costs $119. Easily worth it for the real fan.

Mega March Madness – Nothing can match the DIRECTV sports package MEGA MARCH MADNESS. This supplement to the CBS Sports broadcast of the NCAA® Men's Division I tournament's first 3 rounds is coverage you can't see anywhere else. March madness can drive you extra mad if you cannot see the game you really want. With this DIRECTV sports package, you will see them all!

What is the NFL Sunday Ticket SuperFan addition this year?

NFL Sunday Ticket SuperFan – New from DIRECTV

This season, DIRECTV has enhanced their NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ to a whole new level of programming. The new feature is called SuperFan and the name couldn't be any more on the mark. There are many features that come with this add-on to the NFLSUNDAY TICKET™ and here are a few.

HD – Now you will get over 100 NFL games broadcast to you in HDTV. Any football fan that has seen a game in high definition knows that it is the only way to watch. With the NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ SuperFan addition, you can see it all and see it in high definition.

Red Zone Channel – The Red Zone Channel is dedicated specifically to live analysis and updates for this week in the NFL. As the games are going on, experts will show you key plays in every game so you can stay up to date in real time. This is a whole new addition to NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ and a welcome one at that.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ Game Mix – This feature is one that takes the cake. Now, you can watch up to 11, yes 11, games on your screen at a single time. This isn't your old picture in picture set-up. You will get dedicated small screens for each game you want to see. This is not for the small television set, but on a big enough screen, you can keep all of your friends happy on Sunday.

Can I get MLS coverage from DirecTV sports packages?\

MLS Coverage from DIRECTV Sports

Soccer fans can often have trouble finding the games they want to see from leagues such as the MLS. Now, DIRECTV sports packages offer comprehensive MLS coverage for the avid soccer fan. With Direct Kick from DIRECTV, you can see top match-ups during the regular season from your favorite players and teams.

When the regular season is over, your subscription continues into the playoffs. You will see select playoff games during the post season and on into the championship. When next season is getting close, contact a DIRECTV Preferred Online Retailer to see what types of early bird subscription specials they can offer you.

What is the DirecTV sports NFL Sunday Ticket?

NFL Ticket – The Jewel of DIRECTV Sports

DIRECTV has built their reputation on great programming. Much of their subscription base says that the exclusive sports programming that DIRECTV offers is the main reason that they maintain their subscriptions. Of these people, the majority will say that the NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ is the best thing to ever happen to TV.

The NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ is the crown jewel of DIRECTV sports programming. Through an agreement with the NFL, DIRECTV sports can offer their subscribers access to every NFL game each Sunday. With a high definition receiver, these games can even be seen in HD. Unless you have seen NFL football in HD; you do not know what you are missing.

If you want to find out about getting the NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ from DIRECTV sports in your home, contact a DIRECTV Preferred Online Retailer about available services. You will obviously need to subscribe to DIRECTV® service and get a dish set up at your home, but it is all worth it if you have a bug for football. Don't miss your favorite team this week, take advantage of all of the DIRECTV sports programming available to you.

How do I order NFL Sunday Ticket from DirecTV?

Ordering Your NFL Sunday Ticket

Deciding to take advantage of the DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ is one on the best moves that an NFL fan can make. Subscribing to this service is simple and can be done in a matter of minutes.

This, of course, assumes you are already a subscriber to DIRECTV. If you are not, you will need to get a new account and have your dish and other equipment installed before being able to watch the games. Here are a few options for how to order your NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ once you are ready with your DIRECTV® System in place. You have a couple of options for subscribing.

First, if you are already a DIRECTV customer, you can do this over the Internet at the website. This option will save you time, as there are no phone calls necessary and therefore no interference from another person. Simply get to the subscription page and fill out the required information.

As soon as you are finished, your account will have the NFL Sunday Ticket added to it and you will be ready to watch on Sunday. If you are a new customer you can order a subscription at the time of your DIRECTV® System installation. Just let the installer know that you want to add the NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ and they will have you set up in no time at all.

Don't miss another game this year or next! Get your NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ and watch every game, every week, every season.

Can DirecTV college sports packages give more coverage than other providers?

DIRECTV College Sports – No Place Else

If March Madness drives you mad and college football makes you stand up and holler than you should get the most from your college sports television coverage. Few providers can match what DIRECTV offers for college sports. Their complete packages can keep you up to date each week with college football or basketball. Here are a few advantages of the DIRECTV college sports bundle packages.

College Basketball - You can watch up to 30 college basketball games a week with the ESPN Full Court package from DIRECTV. For only $109 a season, you can gain access to coverage of hundreds of games from all over the country – including your favorite team. All the major conferences are covered in this package for the regular season. For March Madness, DIRECTV college sports offers you an additional package that supplements the network coverage. You don't have to miss a single game again.

College Football – For the College football junkie, ESPN Game Plan offers you the fix to end all fixes. Every Saturday you can catch games from the Big Ten, PAC-10, ACC, SEC, BIG XII, Big East and Mountain West conferences with a subscription. You'll get up to 15 games each Saturday during the regular season. At $119 a season, this deal is almost too good to be true.

DIRECTV college sports programming is elite when compared to standard cable or even digital cable programs. You can get similar packages from these, however, they are still unavailable in most areas. With DIRECTV college sports, it doesn't matter where you live, just as long as your dish can see through the sky.

Where can I get information about DirecTV sports packages?

Getting Information on DIRECTV Sports Packages

DIRECTV sports packages can vary in price from sport to sport and from season to season. If you want to subscribe to any of their packages, there are many places and resources available that can fill you in with what you need to know. Here are a few places to start if you want more details on the DIRECTV sports packages available to you.

Customer Support – Always a great place to start for any questions like these is on the phone. You can contact the customer service toll free number for DIRECTV and their staff can give you the information over the phone and even email you the details so you can read them yourself. These service people have the resources right in front of them to assist you so take advantage of their service.

The Internet – DIRECTV has a great website that has all sorts of information about all of their services. Specifically, you can find a full breakdown of all DIRECTV sports packages on their site. Costs for specific packages may be unavailable before the season starts, but you can find out about coverage details and schedules.

Your DIRECTV Receiver – Right at home, you can use your DIRECTV receiver to scan through the programming options that are available to you. Use your system ‘guide' to search for programming by name, date, or theme. You will have little problem finding out which packages you can subscribe to and even activate your subscriptions right from your receiver.

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