DirecTV Installation – From Dish to Receiver

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How can I get the best connection from my dish in DirecTV installation?

DirecTV Installation – From Dish to Receiver

The key to any DIRECTV installation is in the connection from dish to receiver. Pointing the dish in the right direction (south) is a necessity. However, once the signal is acquired, you will want a great connection to your receiver from your dish to ensure good quality. Here are a few tips on getting the best connection from your dish to your receiver.

  • Single Connections – When possible, try to not split the cable too many times prior to reaching the receiver. When you splice a cable using a splitter, you can diminish the strength of the signal and the quality of the reception. Try to use longer cable to avoid splitting. If splitting the cable is necessary make sure to use DIRECTV certified multiswitches, diplexers, or in-line amplifiers; your DIRECTV retailer of choice can assist you when choosing these accessories.
  • Quality Cable – Spare little expense when you are connection your dish to your home or receiver. Get a quality cable for your DIRECTV installation and you will have less static and a clearer picture on the TV.
  • A Strong Seal – When you connect your dish to your home, make sure that the cable is well connected. There are attachments that can be added to these types of connections that will insure that it will not come loose unless you want it to. Check you local hardware store for these additional pieces.



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