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Can a major storm cause a long outage for my satellite TV service?

Advantages to Satellite TV in a Major Storm

Recently, there have been several major storms that have greatly increased the awareness of their dangers. Beyond the dangers of these storms are the inconveniences. Millions of people have been left without power, phones, or television for weeks at a time. Even after power is returned, phone and television services may not immediately follow.

Those with satellite TV have an advantage in these situations for one reason: their signal comes from above and not from local wiring. You see, most of the TV loss after a major storm is from downed cable lines or junction boxes that were hit by lightning. If you have a satellite dish for your TV service, you can have your TV back as soon as the power is back on. All you have to do is make sure that your dish was not damaged from wind or rain. As long as it is still properly mounted and receiving power, you should have no problem getting your signal once the skies are clear.

Why is a component video cable so expensive?

Component Video Cable – Worth the Cost

For people who cannot get by without their DVD collection or anything on television – as long as it is high definition – component video cables are the connection of choice. Of all the options for video transfer, component video will provide you with the finest picture and crystal clear quality. There is a price for this quality; however, it is worth every penny if you want the best in video quality. Costs of coaxial and s-video cables are small compared to the good quality component cables.

Manufacturers such as Monster Cable produce component cables and distribute them through retail outlets and the internet. If you want to save money on your component cable, you should start by shopping online for them. A savvy web shopper can save up to 30% on component video cables when compared to a brick and mortar electronics store. As expensive as these are (up to $100 for longer ones), the savings make the costs of shipping worth ordering online.

Be sure that you look out for free shipping offers and that way you are just saving money, period. Don't waste your time watching DVD's or high definition television with any other cable but component video. Stay very clear from coaxial. S-video is nice. But for the highest picture quality, component is worth the price.

How do I get my satellite TV repaired after a catastrophe?

Getting Your Satellite TV Repaired

Have you been a victim of the recent storms that have hit the United States? These storms and many other catastrophes cause satellite TV subscribers headaches beyond those of your typical cable user. When the cable goes out, everyone goes out and the cable company pays attention because of the sheer number of subscribers without service. However, with satellite TV, it is often a single home at a time. If you need repairs to your satellite TV, here are a few places to start.

First, identify the problem. Most problems with satellite TV are covered by your subscription agreement and should be repaired for no cost. Contact your satellite provider to check on whether your problem is covered, or, if you are having trouble identifying the problem, if they can send someone out for a free inspection. Should you determine that your provider will not be covering the repairs that you need, don't worry.

In your area there are probably dozens of professional repair people who specialize in satellite TV systems. Grab your yellow pages and look around for a good estimate on your repairs. These should always come with a free quote first. In no time, you can put the storms behind you and get back to the great programming on your satellite TV system.

Can I get free satellite TV installation from the main dish providers?

Getting Free Satellite TV Installation

So you finally decided to move to satellite television. Looking forward to the overall programming? Perhaps it is the movie channels that blow your hair back. Whatever made you make the move, do whatever you can to avoid large costs in starting up your service. You can probably get free satellite TV installation with the purchase of your subscription. Here is where to look.

On the Internet, you can find several resellers of satellite TV services that will offer you the sun, moon, AND stars to subscribe through them. Don't fall for traps like too many others. You will never find ‘free satellite TV' as far too many websites advertise. However, there are plenty of services that will provide free satellite TV equipment and installation.

Once in a while, DIRECTV, Dish Network, and other providers will have special offers that include free satellite TV installation with the purchase of your subscription. Keep your eyes peeled for these.

You will definitely want a professional to install your dish, and depending on the system this could get pricey. However, take your time and you will definitely find free installation from a professional provided by your service.

Can I install a TV satellite dish on my RV?

On the Road Again? Get a TV Satellite Dish for your RV

Staying entertained when traveling in a recreational vehicle can be harder than people think. For those that love traveling in their RV but hate falling out of radio or television range for their current unit, satellite is the solution. You can install a TV satellite dish on almost any RV or Motor Home and never face a time without something to watch aside from the road.

If you are interested in getting a TV satellite dish for your camper, RV, or motor home, start by contacting one of the major providers. DirecTV, Dish Network, and some other satellite providers have specific units that are made for this type of installation. A standard TV satellite dish is not always the best fit, so do not force it. Get the proper mounting kit for your dish and make sure it is securely attached to your vehicle.

There is no reason to be without your favorite shows when you are on the road anymore. Check with a satellite provider about how you can install a TV satellite dish and subscribe to satellite service. I recommend DirecTV as they have the widest variety of programming for sports, television, and movies.

How do I know if my homeowner’s association will allow a satellite dish on my home?

Getting a Satellite Dish – Check Your Homeowner's Association

Those that live in highly populated areas know all about homeowner's associations. In places such as South Florida and areas of California, the regulations set by a homeowner's association are as strong as the law. Most of these rules relate to the appearance of the homes in the neighborhood. Plants, decorations, and other exterior elements are strictly regulated.

One such unit that is often barred is an exterior satellite dish. If you are thinking about getting a satellite dish for your television or internet and live in a community that has a homeowner's association, double check that it is allowed. You can look up the answer in your bylaws or just contact your homeowner's association president. If it is allowed, then nothing should stop you from getting your satellite dish delivered and installed. If it is not, than you saved yourself the trouble of installing it just to have to take it back down.

Can I adjust my satellite dish on my own?

Tweaking Your Satellite Dish

Have you noticed a slightly worse reception from your satellite dish recently? If that's the case, chances are that it has fallen out of optimal alignment. This is a problem than anyone, well, any two people can fix together. I say two people because it takes two to tweak – one to move the satellite dish and one to watch the reception.

If you are going to tackle this job, be sure you have a partner. While you are repositioning your satellite dish, the partner can be watching the closest television to see how your movements affect the picture. Once the picture is back to pristine, the second person will be needed to re-fasten the dish to its mounting unit.

No matter how you mount your satellite dish, you will want to make it sturdy this time so that it will not fall back out of alignment any time soon. Some people can never get the picture to where they want it, no matter how much tweaking they do on their own. If this happens to you, contact your satellite provider and ask them about having a technician come out to inspect your problem. This will usually be done free of charge and get you the best results.

What are some features of satellite TV that I should know about?

3 Must Haves for any Satellite Subscriber

If you subscribe to satellite TV, there are a few features that you should absolutely look into. For the best overall satellite experience, you will want to learn more about these options and order those that interest you.

  1. Digital Video Recorder – What is the point in having satellite reception of so many shows and movies if you often miss them when they air? If you have this problem, look into a digital video recorder. These units can record dozens of hours of movies, television, and other programming provided by satellite TV.
  2. Sports Packages – Some professional sports have exclusive agreements with satellite TV to broadcast their games. Most known is the NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ which offers their league package only to DIRECTV subscribers. Other packages for college and professional sports are also available, so ask your satellite provider, which are available to you.
  3. Multiple Units – Depending on whether you wish to watch different programming simultaneously, you may need multiple units to see different satellite programming on multiple televisions. If this is the case, ask your provider about discounts on multiple boxes. You will only need your one dish, but these extra units can save you from many nights of fighting with the kids over what to watch.

What is the public radio satellite system?

About the Public Radio Satellite System

Have you ever wondered how public radio stations are able to get their programming content? One of the greatest ways is through the Public Radio Satellite System.

The Public Radio Satellite System is a network where thousands of hours of news, music, and specialized audience programming are delivered every year to public radio stations throughout the United States. The Public Radio Satellite System is managed by National Public Radio Distribution. Each Participating Station has a stake in the collective assets of, and services provided by, the satellite system. Interconnected stations own their own downlink and uplink equipment. The satellite transponder capacity, as well as the national operating system equipment located in Washington, is owned by the Public Radio Satellite Interconnection System Charitable Trust.

The Public Radio Satellite System includes over 400 downlinks, and over 250 program producers and distributors. Many additional stations also receive programming sent over the satellite through local connections with downlink stations. Located at NPR headquarters in Washington, DC, the System Technical Center is the heart of all the satellite system's operations.

This information was provided by the Public Radio Satellite System at If you are interested in starting a public radio station, check their website out for details on how you can get started.

Can I buy custom mounting kits for my satellite TV dish?

Buying an Aftermarket Mounting Unit for your Satellite TV Dish

Properly mounting your dish is essential to getting the best reception out of your satellite TV service. The selections that are made available from the providers of satellite TV are not that extensive. Often, subscribers have trouble mounting the dish in a way that is functional and not an eye sore.

Since satellite TV has become more prevalent, many aftermarket manufacturers have come along to offer better solutions to these consumers. To find an aftermarket satellite dish mounting system, the best place to start is the Internet. Online, you can find many different manufacturer offering solutions for any situation.

Whether you need to mount on your roof, in your yard, or outside an apartment window, you can fin the right fit online. Take advantage of the major search engines to search for aftermarket mounting kits for satellite TV dishes. Instantly, you will find hundreds of thousands of results all offering you more information and product locations for these units.

You can also get recommendations and products from your DIRECTV installer so you should raise the issue with your install professional when they come to your home.

Don't just stick a post in the ground with some concrete. Better options are available today.

Can I get a TV satellite dish for my boat?

Installing a TV Satellite Dish on a Boat

Those of us who love the open seas can sometimes need stimulation beyond the waves. Most of us have been caught in the rainstorm that makes you baton down the hatches and get under for a while to stay dry. Those of us who have a TV satellite dish on board don't mind so much as we have plenty to watch as the storm rolls by. If you are interested in installing a TV satellite dish on your boat, the process is pretty simple.

First, figure out which provider that you want to use. There is little sense to installing the TV satellite dish until you have gotten your subscription set up.

Once you have, ask your provider what models they suggest for boats. They will deliver you the parts that you need to get the dish installed. You can choose to install the TV satellite dish yourself with the right tools. Most people are better off getting a professional to do the job because there is some wiring and drilling involved. I know that I hate the thought of drilling anywhere into my boat. These professionals not only have the experience, but their work is insured should anything go wrong.

Don't get stuck in another rainstorm without something to keep the family or friends occupied. Install a TV satellite dish on your vessel and stay entertained, even when the weather is trying to stop you.

do you need a phone line for satellite tv and or internet access?

Satellite TV Requirements

Satellite companies broadcast signals from giant satellites in the atmosphere directly to your satellite dish on the outside of your home. From there, the signal passes through a coaxial cable to your receiver. The receiver converts the signal from the satellite dish into a signal that can be sent and viewed on your television. A phone line is required for ordering Pay Per View movies and for billing purposes. The phone line plugs into a jack in the back of the receiver most likely labelled "Line".

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