How to Install a DirecTV Dish in your Camper

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Where can I find how to install a DirecTV dish on my camper?

How to Install a DirecTV Dish in your Camper

Recreational Vehicles are enjoying a renaissance these days. More and more people are choosing to get in an RV to take a trip, go tailgating, or to see extended family. The demand to keep a family entertained on these trips is great. Cabin fever can sometimes set in without sufficient stimulation. Here is how to install a DIRECTV dish on your camper and keep everyone entertained on your next RV trip.
First, get your equipment from DIRECTV or an authorized retailer. The most important piece of equipment for this install is a specialized “tracking” satellite dish. The dishes will actually lock on to the signal of the DIRECTV satellite and track it as you drive to ensure uninterrupted viewing pleasure.

Once you have the equipment, find a good location on the roof of your camper to mount it to. Keep in mind the height of your camper and how installing a DIRECTV dish may affect your clearance levels for overpasses. If you have the space, the roof of your camper is the best place to install a DIRECTV dish.

Once the dish is mounted, you will want to snake your coaxial cable through the roof to an outlet somewhere inside the vehicle. You can even split the cable in order to get signals to independent TVs with independent receivers. Lastly, connect your coaxial cable to your DIRECTV receiver and then your receiver to your television. Now you should be able to enjoy DIRECTV while on the road, again.



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