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How do I mount and install my DirecTV satellite dish?

Installing Your DIRECTV Satellite Dish

The heart of any satellite TV system lies in the dish. Subscribers to DIRECTV know that the satellite dish alignment is crucial to getting optimum reception.

New DIRECTV systems come with free professional installation, but if you have recently become a subscriber and want some help on installing your own DIRECTV satellite dish, here are a few tips.

Keep It Sturdy – Whenever you are mounting a DIRECTV satellite dish, you want to be sure that it is fixed in its positioning. Once you find a single good alignment, you should rarely need to re-adjust it.

Use Extra Cable – When connecting our DIRECTV satellite dish, use a little extra cable than you think you'll need. Leaving extra cable line will ensure that should you need to move the DIRECTV satellite dish in the future, you will never be stuck needing to replace the cable as well.

Be Careful – A DIRECTV satellite dish is a fragile piece of equipment. In order to get the best reception from it, you will want to avoid beating it up too much during the installation process.

For more specifics and recommendation for mounting your DIRECTV satellite dish, consult with a representative from DIRECTV . They have technical support specialists waiting to assist you in getting your system set up and ready to watch. Better yet, take advantage of a free professional installation and you'll never have to worry about any of this at all!

Where can I get a DirecTV satellite receiver for a lower price?

Finding an Authorized Dealer for a DirecTV Satellite Receiver

If you want to save money on your DIRECTV system, you can often do so by ordering your equipment from authorized re-sellers and manufacturers. One of the most available components is the DIRECTV satellite receiver. These are made by many different manufacturers such as RCA and Hughes, and they all work just as well as a DIRECTV satellite receiver. Many bad units make their way onto the marketplace. The best way to ensure you do not end up with one of these is to order yours from an authorized seller of DIRECTV products.

DIRECTV products are distributed by authorized sellers because DIRECTV knows that these places deliver the right products. There is a security and carried warranty on items such as DIRECTV satellite receivers bought from these authorized sellers. To find an authorized seller, you can contact DIRECTV and ask for ones in your area. If you want the fastest solution, hit the search engines and search for ‘authorized DIRECTV seller'. This will return you plenty of results from websites that DIRECTV trusts to sell products relating to their service.

How do I replace my DirecTV receiver is it is broken?

Replacing Your DirecTV Receiver

If you have been having problems with your DIRECTV receiver, you are not alone. Electronic equipment such as these gets old with more use and they can go bad over time. For people who believe that their DIRECTV receiver is broken or is malfunctioning, you can take advantage of the warranty that came with your subscription and purchase of the equipment.

First, contact DIRECTV and get to their customer support center. Explain that you are having issues with your receiver and believe that it is faulty. They will run a series of communication tests with your system to see if it is working properly. If they can verify that your DIRECTV receiver is the problem, they will put in an order for a new receiver to be sent to you immediately. If you are still under warranty, there will be no cost to you and in no time you will be back to getting the full benefits of your DIRECTV subscription.

What model of DirecTV receiver is right for me?

Options for a DirecTV Receiver

There are four options for your DIRECTVreceiver and your choice will depend on your needs. Choosing the right DIRECTV receiver is easy if you know the differences. Here you can get the lowdown on what these different units share in common and what makes them different.

The Standard DIRECTV Receiver – This receiver is the workhorse for DIRECTV. It will be able to get all of your regular programming and give you access to the Advanced Programming Guide and other key features that make up the total DIRECTV experience.
The DIRECTV DVR – Along with the standard features of a DIRECTV receiver, the DIRECTV DVR allows you to record up to 70 hours of your television programming directly on your receiver. This also allows you to pause live TV and rewind or fast forward. If you watch a lot of shows and often miss an episode or two, you should get this model of DIRECTV receiver.

The DIRECTV HD Receiver – This model of receiver includes all of the features of a standard DIRECTV receiver. However, the additional feature of this one is that you can get high definition programming along with your standard programming. As HDTV's grown more popular, you will want to upgrade to this style of receiver.

The DIRECTV HD DVR Receiver – This model of receiver includes all the features of the DIRECTV DVR and the DIRECTV HD receivers. Plus you can record and store up to 30 hours of HD programming or up to 250 hours of standard programming. For the best of both worlds choose this receiver.

How can I get a free DirecTV dish and receiver with my subscription?

Getting a Free DirecTV Dish & Other Equipment

One of the main reasons that people stay away from satellite television is because of the anticipated costs. However, these costs do not need to be prohibitive and often are not nearly as bad as you think. The truth is that most satellite providers will offer giveaways for their equipment in exchange for extended contracts for service (1 –2 years).

For people looking into DIRECTV, I can tell you that you can usually find specials that will include your DIRECTV Dish and receiver for free with a one year subscription.
The DIRECTV dish and other necessary equipment are often given away because it is worth it to the company. The real money that they make is from the monthly fees for service and not from the hardware. If they could increase their subscriber base by giving away free DIRECTVdish and receiver equipment, then in the long term, they will make far more.

Whatever the reasons, these offers are out there. You should be patient until you find the right deal when it comes to subscribing to DIRECTV and buying your DIRECTV dish. Like with cellular phones, these deals are often left up to the reseller and it can be as easy as finding the right one.

What DirecTV equipment do I need to set up my system?

Necessary DirecTV Equipment for your System

There are a few pieces of equipment that are absolutely necessary to setting up your DIRECTVsystem. DIRECTVequipment is simple to set-up once you have it, but make sure you have the right pieces to the puzzle. Here are a few of the obvious pieces of DIRECTV equipment you will need to get started.

  • A Dish – Obviously you will need to have your satellite dish securely mounted and eventually connected to the receivers. This is the heart of your reception so be sure it is installed correctly.
  • A Receiver – The signal that comes from your satellite dish needs to pass through a receiver before it can be sent to your television. The DIRECTV receiver is a piece of equipment that comes in many variations. You can get this DIRECTV equipment with a DVR or with High Definition capabilities combined in one unit.
  • Cables – You will need high quality video and audio cables to connect your receiver to your television. Do not skimp on these as a bad cable can drastically reduce the quality of your reception. We recommend Monster Cables for your connection needs. Depending on your TV and the receiver you choose, there are a variety of Monster Cables to choose from, including HDMI, DVI, Components, and S-Video cables.

Consult with a DIRECTV representative to ask about any additional equipment you may need to make certain that your system will be set up correctly and you can start enjoying the DIRECTV programming.

How do I know where to point my DirecTV dish?

DIRECTV Dish Pointing Help

Pointing your DIRECTV dish is not always the easiest thing to figure out. Thankfully, DIRECTV has a great support system in place to assist you with this process right on their website. Better yet, with all new DIRECTV system installations, you get a free professional install, so take advantage of it and you won't even need this information!

But just in case you do...

First, they highly recommend professional installation, especially for multi-satellite systems. The proper alignment of multiple dishes is best left to the pros. However, if you are installing a standard 18” DIRECTV dish, you can do it easily with their help. You will want to determine your elevation using their online tool. This will give you the best angle with which to point your dish based on your area.

Further help is provided after you have found the right coordinates. If you cannot find the answers you need from their website, contact a DIRECTV representative and explain that you need help pointing your dish. They will walk you through the process and let you know if professional installation assistance will be necessary. Typically, this has little or no cost for a new subscriber, so ask about pricing for installation and dish pointing.

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