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What can I do if I don't have a phone jack in the wall near my satellite TV setup?

Wireless Phone Jacks to the Rescue

Imagine this scenario. You've got the perfect setup in your living room. You've placed the comfy sofa just at the right location to view your brand new high definition television. You're waiting for the installer to set up your brand new satellite TV service and then the discovery is made - you don't have a phone jack in any wall near where your set up is. Before you decide to do some fancy footwork and move things around, get a simple solution. Wireless phone jacks can replace wall phone jacks to work with the box from your satellite TV provider. Simply plug your wireless phone jack into any available electrical outlet. No wiring or phone service installation is necessary. This way, you can plan to watch your satellite TV from the plush seating you've set up, just like you planned.

*Hint: Always check for compatibility. Some wireless phone jacks may not work with some satellite TV provider boxes.

Is there a simple way to juggle multiple remotes involved with having a satellite TV service along with a home entertainment system?

Consolidate with a Universal Remote Controller

Does this scene sound familiar to you? You're getting ready to sit down and watch the movie you saved with your satellite TV programmer. First you turn on the television with the TV remote. Then you move on to the set top box remote for your satellite TV or at least you try to because you accidentally picked up old DVD recorder remote. Shuffling through two more remotes, you finally find what you were looking for.

You don't have to do this every time you want to turn on your satellite TV or home entertainment system. Consolidate with one universal remote controller, which allows you to minimize the number of remote controls and program your favorite functions into one handy gadget.

The latest remote controls aren't what they used to be. Find a universal remote controller with a touch screen which can learn the functions of a remote you already own without having to enter each individual code for all your hardware. Program your remote to turn off all your electronics at once or perform a simple task like change the volume.

Is there a way to lock my kids out of certain satellite TV channels?

Keeping a Lock on Channels

One of the advantages of satellite TV is the abundance of channels to choose from. You can pick a wide selection of movies, sports programs, and prime time shows. But so can your children. Fortunately, there is a way to have parental control over what your kids can and can't watch without having to keep an eye on all their viewing habits.

If your satellite TV provider is DirecTV, you have access to a feature called "Locks & Limits". This built-in function allows you to decide what programming isn't appropriate for your children based on Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) ratings, viewing hours, channels, and even spending limits.

For Dish Network Providers, the "Parental Controls and System Locks" are standard on all of their equipment. Maintain parental control over what your kids watch based on MPAA ratings, locked channels, and assigned passwords.

Is it necessary to get a surge protector if I have satellite TV service?

Protect Against Power Surges

Most household electronics can withstand a minor power surge every now and then, but if you ever have a higher-level power surge, consider this; one unprotected piece of equipment can transfer the power surge to another piece of connected equipment. A series of small power surges can degrade your electrical equipment over time. A large power surge can instantly fry a circuit and melt plastic parts. Power surges don't just come through your electrical line. They can travel through your phone lines, cable lines, and satellite TV lines.

So if you have satellite TV and never considered getting a surge protector, it may be a wise idea to protect your satellite TV box and your ability to watch your regular programming. Consider a surge protector a worthwhile insurance investment to keep your satellite TV programming running and protection for all your other related expensive electronic equipment.

Is it worth it to buy a satellite TV receiver instead of renting one?

Buying Satellite TV Receivers

You may pay a monthly charge to rent your satellite TV receiver. While the fees may seem nominal, if you think long term, it may just be worth your while to shop around for receivers and buy your own. Say you're spending $5 a month to rent your receiver. Multiply that by 12 and every year, you're spending $60 a year on a receiver. If you plan on keeping your receiver around for several years, buy one for a couple of hundred dollars. You'll own it and after three or four years, you'll have made up for the cost. Look for online and retail outlets to sell receivers at a cost lower than buying directly from your satellite TV service provider.

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