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What action sports are on the Outdoor Life Network?

MotoCross, Baja, and Other Action Sports on the Outdoor Life Network

For the action sports fan, the Outdoor Life Network has you covered. Did you know that you can find coverage of everything from Baja to Cigarette Boat racing on the Outdoor Life Network? If you are a true fan, you need to check out the lineup that they have to offer. Here is a quick way to see if your favorite action sports can be seen on the Outdoor Life Network.

On the Internet, you can visit the website for the Outdoor Life Network. They provide you with full schedules for all of their programming, including their action sports coverage. Use their site to search for specific events or general sports that you are interested in. If you cannot find it on their website, you can move on to your local TV guide or digital cable guide.

Scroll through these resources to find out exactly what is coming on and when on the Outdoor Life Network. You can catch extreme downhill skiing, motocross racing, dune buggy races, shooting competitions, and much more on OLN. If you don't get OLN, contact your cable provider and inquire as to future availability.

How did OLN get NHL hockey coverage?

OLN Sports – Welcome Back Hockey!

For fans of outdoor sport, the OLN (Outdoor Life Network) has become a staple to their cable TV lineup. Now, with the return of the NHL, OLN has expanded their sports coverage to indoors as well as outdoors.

OLN is now the main provider of NHL games and analysis shows and has been getting rave reviews so far. As most sports fans know, the NHL went on a strike that cost them an entire season of Hockey. When they returned, the lucrative TV deals that they previously had in place were not waiting for them. OLN was there for them, however, and fans of the NHL can now see the sport that left them hanging for so long. Ratings for hockey have done well for the OLN and they anticipate more seasons of coverage.

There are many other sports shown on the OLN and I don't just mean lumberjack games. Check out their website or your DirecTV or cable provider for programming availability. You can see exactly what sports will be shown on OLN in your area. Check it out today so you don't miss something tomorrow.

How can I get Showtime on my satellite programming?

Subscribing to Showtime in your Home

How many channels does your television get? Today, some people have cable boxes or DirecTV satellite that provides them with, literally, over 1,000 channels. To some, this may seem crazy, but to others, these channels are indispensable.

One of these channels is Showtime, which now consists of several channels, or the ‘Showtime Network'. The Showtime network has great premier movies as well as original programming that is gaining more attention each year. Showtime is easy to get if you do not have it in your home already.

Here is a little tip to look for. Many companies, whether a cable company or a satellite provider, have periods of the year that they offer free trials or discounts for subscriptions to pay channels. Be sure to ask about these. Call your cable or satellite provider and ask for their subscription offers and pricing for the entire Showtime Network of channels. You can typically choose to exclude some of the Showtime channels, but the bundle price is usually the least expensive anyways. Once you request adding them to your service, you will be eating popcorn and watching in no time.

What shows on HBO Family are best for kids?

HBO Family – Perfect for Kids of All Ages

Over the years, HBO has added to their network of channels by adding niche programming on independent channels. One of the additions that has greatly expanded the HBO market was HBO Family. This station has programming that is suitable for kids of any age and most parents will enjoy it as well. Here is a quick review of a few of the programming options on HBO Family.

Rainbow Fish – The Rainbow Fish is one of the cornerstones to HBO Family. Created from the famous series of children's books, the Rainbow Fish teaches valuable lessons to kids about tolerance and sharing. If you haven't seen the show or read the books, I highly suggest checking them both out.

Harold and the Purple Crayon – An Emmy award winning show, Harold and the Purple Crayon is based on the classic storybook by Crockett Johnson. With his purple crayon, the four year old Harold creates his own world of imagination and invention. Kids love following Harold on his travels and learning along the way.

Crashbox – This show is actually rated TVY7 which means it is meant for older kids. This animated show challenges grade school children to fast paced games based on math, history, or any other number of topics. If you want to reinforce what your kids are learning in school, Crashbox is a great show from HBO Family that will help.

For more information about the programming available on HBO Family, contact your cable or DirecTV satellite provider. You can get a number of options for HBO subscription service. Be sure to include HBO Family if you have little ones at home.

Should I register online for DirecTV programming guides?

Getting a DirecTV Programming Guide Online

For those that are new to their DirecTV system, finding out what programs are coming on and when can be confusing. DirecTV is very different than navigating your old cable box and there are several options for personal customization. One of those is through getting an online DirecTV programming guide. Getting yours set up is easy, and here is how you can go about it.

First, simply go to DirecTV online and register as a subscriber. Once you do, find their program guide on their website. The system is set up so that you can personalize the DirecTV programming that you like watching. If you have a digital video recorder, you can program your system to record on a schedule based on your programming guide.

The key to knowing what DirecTV programming is available to you is to register at DirecTV online. Once you have registered, you can easily stay in tune with your favorite shows and get many other benefits that come from registration.

Does Cinemax have any original programming?

Cinemax – HBO's Little Brother Growing Up

For years, Cinemax was regarded as nothing more than the little brother of the HBO network. Today, Cinemax has become it's own entity and created its own identity through original programming that can be found nowhere else.

Among the biggest advances in Cinemax programming is their Reel Life series which has broken new ground for documentary television. The Cinemax Reel Life series has covered stories that you cannot find on other channels. From exposes about Indian women being born into brothels and sex trafficking to in depth pieces on the juvenile justice system, the Reel Life series has won many awards. You can review all of the past episodes of Reel Life at the Cinemax website where there is a whole section dedicated to it.

From a replay channel that only took HBO's leftovers, Cinemax has grown into one of the premium pay channels that any fan of good television has to have a subscription to. If you have DirecTV or cable, contact your provider to get Cinemax added to your range of channels.

Which Showtime original shows are worth watching?

3 Great Showtime Originals

Showtime original programming has introduced several new shows into the lineup that have been met with great critical acclaim. Here is a quick rundown of three Showtime originals that you should check out if you haven't already.

Barbershop – Based on the series of successful movies, Barbershop is an original Showtime program that takes you through the lives of Calvin and the others that are always occupying the chairs at his barbershop. The show builds more depth into the characters that we all loved from the movies, so if you were a fan of the later, check out the former.

Huff – Hank Azaria, famous for his voices on the Simpsons, stars in this Showtime original as a clinical psychiatrist who can't shake the feeling that he can save everyone. When a tragedy occurs a little too close to home, Dr. Huff has a hard time accepting the fact that he can't save himself, let alone anyone else. Presenting the viewers with great drama makes Huff a must watch Showtime original.

Queer As Folk – Now, Queer as Folk is no longer running in new episodes, which makes it weird to mention it here. However, this show put Showtime original programming on the map, so not mentioning it would seem ridiculous as well. Now, you can buy all 5 Emmy award-winning seasons of Showtime's Queer as Folk on DVD video.

What hunting shows are on the Outdoor Life Network?

Dangerous Game: Unique TV from the Outdoor Life Network

Have you ever wanted to go on a lion safari? How about going shark fishing? Most people do not have the time, money, or inclination to make these treks, no matter how much they would like to. For these people, the Outdoor Life Network (OLN) has introduced a new series called ‘Dangerous Game'.

As the name suggests, the show follows hunters on some of the rarest hunts for the most dangerous game out there. Episodes on the Outdoor Life Network have included and will feature in the future; elephant, Cape buffalo, lion, leopard, brown bear and many others. Not only does the show take you along on the hunt, but it also passes the time by filling you in on first hand accounts from real people who have survived previous encounters with the dangerous game in question. This type of entertainment comes only on the Outdoor Life Network. This ain't no bass fishing show.

For information on how you can see the Dangerous Game on the Outdoor Life Network, contact your cable or satellite DirecTV provider. Full schedule details are available from these sources as well as from the Outdoor Life Network directly via their website.

What’s coming up on HBO next year?

HBO – A Year to Look Forward To

HBO has made a reputation that goes far beyond a ‘movie channel'. Their original programming has placed them at the height of all television. Some of the HBO original favorites such as Sex and the City and Oz has had their run, but don't worry, the new HBO programming and the resurgence of some other old favorites makes the upcoming season one to subscribe for.

This coming year, HBO will finally bring the Sopranos franchise back from the dead. Many people wonder what is coming, well here is a spoiler. Apparently, the script is being written as if the last 2 years have gone by, as in real time. As if the long break wasn't enough, now the stories that last season ended with will certainly not get swift conclusions (What did happen to that Russian guy in the Pine Barrens?)

Other HBO programming will be back such as Entourage and the always hilarious Curb Your Enthusiasm. The comedies and dramas that HBO puts out there only get more dramatic and even funnier with each passing year – and 2006 will be another one for certain.

How do I go about programming my DirecTV remote control?

DirecTV – Programming Your Remote Control

Users of DirecTV often require help figuring out how to set the entire system up. One of the most important pieces to get set correctly is the remote control for the unit. Imagine trying to get up every time you wanted to change the channel. If you don't get your DIRECTVremote control programming done at first, chances are you will never get around to it.

Here is a quick rundown of the options that DIRECTV programming provides in remote controls.

First, there is the infamous ‘Blue” remote control. This remote control is strictly for the DIRECTV programming through the DirecTV unit. It will not control other entertainment units in your system. So long as you do not mind using multiple remote controls, the Blue remote should be fine for you. If you have this remote and are not sure on how to go about programming it, here is a link to the User Manual:

Next, DirecTV programming also offers a universal remote control that can be programmed to control all of your entertainment system components. Programming these universal remotes is simple as long as you have the correct information and codes to input. For help programming your DirecTV universal remote control, here is a link to the instruction manual:

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