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Why are there so few high definition channels in my area?

Not Enough High Definition in Your Area? Be Patient, It Is Coming

Many subscribers to high definition TV find that the programming and channels available in their area are limited. I, for example, still do not get Fox in high definition. It's okay; because we can all rest assured that what is not available now will certainly be available in the future. All major networks are now offering their signals in high definition it is just a matter of the cable provider providing it.

Contact your satellite TV or cable provider and inquire as to which high definition channels are coming soon to their service. If they cannot give you concrete answers, chances are that there are no plans in place. If this is the case, go ahead and express your unhappiness with their programming selection. Voicing your opinion as a subscriber is the best way to help move the process along. But make sure that they do not shift the focus of your call and that they report your request for more expanded high definition programming.

As the consumer, you can apply the pressure that is often needed for change to occur. One thing is for sure, due to mandated regulations, all providers will be required to offer high definition programming in the future. Therefore, even if your voice is not heard, soon enough you will get what you want anyway.

Does HDTV have programming for nature lovers?

Discovery Channel on HDTV – Nature as You've Never Seen It

Most people will never make that safari trip they have dreamed of. Others may wish to go to Alaska but can never find the time. Television or video will never be a real substitute for these things, but through HDTV, the Discovery Channel has provided a rare view of these types of excursions. Each day, Discovery Channel HDTV is bringing parts of the world to brilliant life and into your living room.

If you are a nature buff, you should absolutely check out Discovery HD. Not only do you get all of the standard programming, but there are also exclusive programs that only appear on the HDTV version of Discovery. These include shows about animals, space, and the ocean that give you perspectives that few have ever seen. The crystal clarity of these shows make the experience the closest thing to being there.

Are sports better to watch in HDTV?

Live Sports in HDTV – Barely Short of Being at the Game

HDTV is in more and more homes each year. This increase in demand has pushed more channels and types of programming to broadcast in HDTV signal for their viewers. As great as it is to see some of these on HDTV, few match the benefits that high definition brings to live sports.

Most subscribers to HDTV use it for watching some form of sport. Whether football, basketball, baseball, or even golf, these people will all agree that the picture provided makes you feel like you are in the stands, on the field, or holding the flagstick. Most major sports are now on HDTV at some point or another. We can thank ESPN for this as they have multiple channels dedicated to high definition programming. On Sunday nights, you can catch an NFL game, in season, on ESPNHD. On CBSHD, you can catch NFL, College Basketball, and even Golf. The Olympics are now even being broadcast in HDTV and I, for one, cannot wait to see them.

If you want to enhance your sports entertainment, look into getting HDTV for your home. You will agree with others that there is not even a comparison between standard, and even digital, cable to high definition. Put it this way, you can see the blades of grass, individual blades, on the field. Add to all of this the fact that you get a widescreen aspect ration and you can even see more of the court, field, or fairway.

Should I get my movie channels in high definition?

Movie Channels in High Definition – A Better Movie Watching Experience

True movie buffs want the best from their viewing experience. Sometimes, the atmosphere and set-up of watching a movie can make up for a sub-par film. A great sound system is essential and a great picture is just as important. For the best picture from your movies coming from channels such as HBO, Showtime, or Starz, you will want to watch them in high definition.

All of the major pay movie channels now offer their programming in high definition. If you have the right equipment, you should subscribe to these high definition versions of these channels to get the best picture available. First, contact your satellite TV or cable provider to inquire as to which channels they have available in high definition. Not all areas or all companies offer the same programming, but more and more, these movie channels are a standard.

If they are available, just subscribe and pick up any new receivers or other equipment you will need. Once you get the signal coming in and the equipment set up, you will be able to watch your movies in high definition, including seeing them in the original, wide screen aspect ratio.

What programming comes with Direct TV high definition service?

Direct TV High Definition Programming Available

DIRECTV offers programming you simply cannot get from your local cable provider. Among these are the vast range of high definition channels that are available from DIRECTV high definition. Here is a quick rundown of the high definition channels that subscribers to DIRECTV get to take advantage of.

DIRECTV high definition programming includes; ESPN HD, ESPN 2 HD, Universal HD, Discovery HD, HDNet Movies, and HDNet. It also includes local ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox Network programming in high definition. Pay channels included in DIRECTV high definition include HBO HD and Showtime HD. For sports, DIRECTV high definition is the exclusive place to get every NFL football game in high definition.

Lastly, DIRECTV high definition offers pay per view movies in high definition. This is unique as most pay per view access is limited to digital cable and not high definition. The bottom line is simple, if you are looking for the widest variety of high definition programming and great reliability, DIRECTV high definition is the choice for you.

Why is high definition television in widescreen?

Widescreen – A Huge Benefit of High Definition Television

Imagine watching a football game and seeing much more of the field in every shot. Imagine watching a movie on a pay channel without seeing those bothersome black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. Well, these are realities with high definition television. With high definition television, you get the benefit of a wide screen aspect ratio.

Almost every movie is filmed in wide screen aspect ratio and when they make it to TV, they are formatted and lose much of the original perspective. Now, you can watch exactly what the director filmed. Sports on a high definition television take on a whole new light. Beyond the better picture, having a wide screen aspect ratio makes it so you can see a whole lot more of the game.

On a typical telecast of an NBA game for example, you can only see from the basket to the three-point line. On a high definition television in wide screen, you will see well beyond half court. Similarly, in football, you will see a lot more yardage at one time with a high definition television view. These are just a few of the reasons that you will enjoy watching high definition television in wide screen.

If you do not have one, get a wide screen aspect ratio television for watching you high definition programming. Watching it any other way is taking away from the experience and enjoyment.

How much has HDTV grown in recent years?

HDTV – Growing More and More Each Day

More and more people each day are hearing about HDTV. For some, it is hard to remember life before HDTV, but for others, the technology is still far ahead of them. Did you know that only 75% of cable subscribers are aware that HDTV even exists? Would it surprise you more to learn that only a few percent of cable subscribers take advantage of HDTV? Well these facts come from the National Cable and Telecommunications Association and are very interesting.

Sales of HDTV units have risen by double over the past two years. This is greatly due to the increased programming that is available. For whatever the reason, HDTV is slowly growing in awareness and projections show that over 49% of new television purchases in the next year will be HDTV units. The number of HDTV sets that are being sold falls below the number of HDTV subscribers, but due to regulations, in a few years, all new televisions will be required to accept HDTV signals, so this number will grow even more over time.

If you have yet to look into HDTV for our home, what are you waiting for? See a display of the picture quality that comes with it and you won't wait any longer, I promise you that. See your favorite sports and TV shows in widescreen and crystal clear picture and you will never go back.

How do I get a Direct TV high definition receiver?

Getting Direct TV High Definition Programming

The difference between regular satellite television and high definition satellite television is astounding. The clarity of high definition is something can only be appreciated after being seen. For those that have satellite television already but do not get high definition, I suggest you look into it. There are easy steps to make your DIRECTV high definition, and here is a quick guide.

First, understand that it takes different equipment to receive a high definition signal. DIRECTV high definition receivers are available and you will simply need to contact them to get yours. Once it is delivered, you will want to connect your new receiver to your television using component video cables. These will give you the most lossless transfer of video from the DIRECTV high definition receiver to the TV.

Now, you can sit back and enjoy your DIRECTV programming in a high definition picture. You will see that there is simply no comparison whether you are watching movies, sports, or any other type of programming.

What should I look for in a high definition television?

Buying a Flatscreen High Definition Television

The newest models of televisions resemble computer monitors more than your traditional TV. Flatscreen televisions, whether plasma or LCD, are one of the largest selling technology items on the market. If you are buying a flatscreen TV, be sure you get a high definition television that will accept a HDTV input.

HDTV is becoming more and more prevalent. Eventually, every home will be able to access high definition television programming. There is no sense in buying a new television, especially a flatscreen, that cannot accept these signals. To make sure you make a smart purchase, check that the models of flat televisions that you are choosing from all include the ability to display high definition television.

For additional convenience, make sure that you purchase a widescreen high definition television. When watching HD, you will see that the programming is formatted for a widescreen picture. Most flatscreen TVs are made in a widescreen aspect ratio, but some are not. If high definition television is a priority for you, get a flatscreen that has a wide aspect ration display.

What types of cables should I use to connect my high definition receiver?

Component Video – The Only Way to Connect Your High Definition Receiver

Many people who are using a high definition receiver are robbing themselves of the full experience. By connecting a high definition receiver to your TV with bad cables, you will not get the same quality of picture that you should. In order to get the best picture from your high definition receiver, you will want to use component video cables.

Component video cables are made up of three separate plugs all connected to one actual cable. These can be a little expensive but they are worth it. We recommend Monster Cables for your high definition receiver as they come with a great warranty and unmatched quality. You can find these at many retailers and on the Internet.

Be prepared for a better picture from your high definition receiver. Don't wait any longer. If you are not using component video cable for your HDTV, than you are truly missing out.

How do I use an HDTV antenna?

Using an HDTV Antenna in Your Home

If you would like the benefits of HDTV without the costs of an HDTV subscription, an HDTV antenna may be for you. There are HDTV signals sent through the airwaves in many neighborhoods and localities across the country. With an HDTV antenna, you can catch these signals and get them displayed on your TV. Here is how. First, you will want to double check for availability in your area.

A good place to start is contacting local TV stations to ask about their broadcasts in HD. Once you know it is in your area, go ahead and purchase an HDTV antenna from a retailer or on the Internet. The best deals for these are definitely found online, so that is where we suggest starting. Once you have ordered it and it has been delivered, setting it up is usually an easy process. Be sure to buy a HDTV antenna that comes with some form of mounting kit for easy installation.

Once it is installed, simply connect the HDTV antenna to your television with the instructions. Soon, you will be able to watch HDTV in your home without needing to pay a huge bill at the end of the month.

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