Steps to Install DirecTV in an Apartment

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How do I install DirecTV in an apartment building?

Steps to Install DirecTV in an Apartment

You can install DIRECTV in most apartment building and complexes, as long as you are allowed. If you want to get DIRECTV in your apartment, here are a few steps you should follow in the process to make is hassle free.

Contact Your Landlord/Homeowner's Association – Apartment buildings are usually rentals. If you rent your apartment and want to install DIRECTV, you should consult with your landlord first. There may be restrictions for these units and you want to be sure you are allowed before you spend the money on the system. Similarly, many homeowners association dictate the practices of an apartment complex. If you own your apartment, get clearance from your homeowner's association.

Contact a DIRECTV retailer – You will need to get a subscription for the DIRECTV service as well as the necessary equipment. Once you have ordered your service, your equipment can either be sent to you or brought to you by a DIRECTV technician. If you are having it delivered, it usually takes no more than a few days to get there.

Contact an Installer – An apartment building isn't the easiest place to mount a satellite dish. When you install DIRECTV in your apartment, let a professional determine the best alignment and position for the Dish. They will get you set up in no time and guarantee the reception stays good or they will come move it for you.

Once these are complete, you have no more work to do besides parking it front of the tube and watching all of your favorite programs on DIRECTV.



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