Replacing Your DirecTV Receiver

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How do I replace my DirecTV receiver is it is broken?

Replacing Your DirecTV Receiver

If you have been having problems with your DIRECTV receiver, you are not alone. Electronic equipment such as these gets old with more use and they can go bad over time. For people who believe that their DIRECTV receiver is broken or is malfunctioning, you can take advantage of the warranty that came with your subscription and purchase of the equipment.

First, contact DIRECTV and get to their customer support center. Explain that you are having issues with your receiver and believe that it is faulty. They will run a series of communication tests with your system to see if it is working properly. If they can verify that your DIRECTV receiver is the problem, they will put in an order for a new receiver to be sent to you immediately. If you are still under warranty, there will be no cost to you and in no time you will be back to getting the full benefits of your DIRECTV subscription.



12/28/2008 7:03:38 AM
Chris said:

Except for of course, in my case. In my case, I had a faulty HD receiver. I was shipped a "new" (refurbished) model. The new receiver also had problems, and the tech support guy couldn't figure it out. So guess what? They wanted to send a technician to my house and of course have me pay for it ($49 for the privelege). I will be cancelling DIRECTV service as soon as the contract expires.


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