Necessary DirecTV Equipment for your System

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What DirecTV equipment do I need to set up my system?

Necessary DirecTV Equipment for your System

There are a few pieces of equipment that are absolutely necessary to setting up your DIRECTVsystem. DIRECTVequipment is simple to set-up once you have it, but make sure you have the right pieces to the puzzle. Here are a few of the obvious pieces of DIRECTV equipment you will need to get started.

  • A Dish – Obviously you will need to have your satellite dish securely mounted and eventually connected to the receivers. This is the heart of your reception so be sure it is installed correctly.
  • A Receiver – The signal that comes from your satellite dish needs to pass through a receiver before it can be sent to your television. The DIRECTV receiver is a piece of equipment that comes in many variations. You can get this DIRECTV equipment with a DVR or with High Definition capabilities combined in one unit.
  • Cables – You will need high quality video and audio cables to connect your receiver to your television. Do not skimp on these as a bad cable can drastically reduce the quality of your reception. We recommend Monster Cables for your connection needs. Depending on your TV and the receiver you choose, there are a variety of Monster Cables to choose from, including HDMI, DVI, Components, and S-Video cables.

Consult with a DIRECTV representative to ask about any additional equipment you may need to make certain that your system will be set up correctly and you can start enjoying the DIRECTV programming.



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