Options for a DirecTV Receiver

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What model of DirecTV receiver is right for me?

Options for a DirecTV Receiver

There are four options for your DIRECTVreceiver and your choice will depend on your needs. Choosing the right DIRECTV receiver is easy if you know the differences. Here you can get the lowdown on what these different units share in common and what makes them different.

The Standard DIRECTV Receiver – This receiver is the workhorse for DIRECTV. It will be able to get all of your regular programming and give you access to the Advanced Programming Guide and other key features that make up the total DIRECTV experience.
The DIRECTV DVR – Along with the standard features of a DIRECTV receiver, the DIRECTV DVR allows you to record up to 70 hours of your television programming directly on your receiver. This also allows you to pause live TV and rewind or fast forward. If you watch a lot of shows and often miss an episode or two, you should get this model of DIRECTV receiver.

The DIRECTV HD Receiver – This model of receiver includes all of the features of a standard DIRECTV receiver. However, the additional feature of this one is that you can get high definition programming along with your standard programming. As HDTV's grown more popular, you will want to upgrade to this style of receiver.

The DIRECTV HD DVR Receiver – This model of receiver includes all the features of the DIRECTV DVR and the DIRECTV HD receivers. Plus you can record and store up to 30 hours of HD programming or up to 250 hours of standard programming. For the best of both worlds choose this receiver.



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