Installing Your DIRECTV Satellite Dish

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How do I mount and install my DirecTV satellite dish?

Installing Your DIRECTV Satellite Dish

The heart of any satellite TV system lies in the dish. Subscribers to DIRECTV know that the satellite dish alignment is crucial to getting optimum reception.

New DIRECTV systems come with free professional installation, but if you have recently become a subscriber and want some help on installing your own DIRECTV satellite dish, here are a few tips.

Keep It Sturdy – Whenever you are mounting a DIRECTV satellite dish, you want to be sure that it is fixed in its positioning. Once you find a single good alignment, you should rarely need to re-adjust it.

Use Extra Cable – When connecting our DIRECTV satellite dish, use a little extra cable than you think you'll need. Leaving extra cable line will ensure that should you need to move the DIRECTV satellite dish in the future, you will never be stuck needing to replace the cable as well.

Be Careful – A DIRECTV satellite dish is a fragile piece of equipment. In order to get the best reception from it, you will want to avoid beating it up too much during the installation process.

For more specifics and recommendation for mounting your DIRECTV satellite dish, consult with a representative from DIRECTV . They have technical support specialists waiting to assist you in getting your system set up and ready to watch. Better yet, take advantage of a free professional installation and you'll never have to worry about any of this at all!



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