Cinemax – HBO's Little Brother Growing Up

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Does Cinemax have any original programming?

Cinemax – HBO's Little Brother Growing Up

For years, Cinemax was regarded as nothing more than the little brother of the HBO network. Today, Cinemax has become it's own entity and created its own identity through original programming that can be found nowhere else.

Among the biggest advances in Cinemax programming is their Reel Life series which has broken new ground for documentary television. The Cinemax Reel Life series has covered stories that you cannot find on other channels. From exposes about Indian women being born into brothels and sex trafficking to in depth pieces on the juvenile justice system, the Reel Life series has won many awards. You can review all of the past episodes of Reel Life at the Cinemax website where there is a whole section dedicated to it.

From a replay channel that only took HBO's leftovers, Cinemax has grown into one of the premium pay channels that any fan of good television has to have a subscription to. If you have DirecTV or cable, contact your provider to get Cinemax added to your range of channels.



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