HBO Family – Perfect for Kids of All Ages

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What shows on HBO Family are best for kids?

HBO Family – Perfect for Kids of All Ages

Over the years, HBO has added to their network of channels by adding niche programming on independent channels. One of the additions that has greatly expanded the HBO market was HBO Family. This station has programming that is suitable for kids of any age and most parents will enjoy it as well. Here is a quick review of a few of the programming options on HBO Family.

Rainbow Fish – The Rainbow Fish is one of the cornerstones to HBO Family. Created from the famous series of children's books, the Rainbow Fish teaches valuable lessons to kids about tolerance and sharing. If you haven't seen the show or read the books, I highly suggest checking them both out.

Harold and the Purple Crayon – An Emmy award winning show, Harold and the Purple Crayon is based on the classic storybook by Crockett Johnson. With his purple crayon, the four year old Harold creates his own world of imagination and invention. Kids love following Harold on his travels and learning along the way.

Crashbox – This show is actually rated TVY7 which means it is meant for older kids. This animated show challenges grade school children to fast paced games based on math, history, or any other number of topics. If you want to reinforce what your kids are learning in school, Crashbox is a great show from HBO Family that will help.

For more information about the programming available on HBO Family, contact your cable or DirecTV satellite provider. You can get a number of options for HBO subscription service. Be sure to include HBO Family if you have little ones at home.



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