OLN Sports – Welcome Back Hockey!

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How did OLN get NHL hockey coverage?

OLN Sports – Welcome Back Hockey!

For fans of outdoor sport, the OLN (Outdoor Life Network) has become a staple to their cable TV lineup. Now, with the return of the NHL, OLN has expanded their sports coverage to indoors as well as outdoors.

OLN is now the main provider of NHL games and analysis shows and has been getting rave reviews so far. As most sports fans know, the NHL went on a strike that cost them an entire season of Hockey. When they returned, the lucrative TV deals that they previously had in place were not waiting for them. OLN was there for them, however, and fans of the NHL can now see the sport that left them hanging for so long. Ratings for hockey have done well for the OLN and they anticipate more seasons of coverage.

There are many other sports shown on the OLN and I don't just mean lumberjack games. Check out their website or your DirecTV or cable provider for programming availability. You can see exactly what sports will be shown on OLN in your area. Check it out today so you don't miss something tomorrow.



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