3 Great Showtime Originals

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Which Showtime original shows are worth watching?

3 Great Showtime Originals

Showtime original programming has introduced several new shows into the lineup that have been met with great critical acclaim. Here is a quick rundown of three Showtime originals that you should check out if you haven't already.

Barbershop – Based on the series of successful movies, Barbershop is an original Showtime program that takes you through the lives of Calvin and the others that are always occupying the chairs at his barbershop. The show builds more depth into the characters that we all loved from the movies, so if you were a fan of the later, check out the former.

Huff – Hank Azaria, famous for his voices on the Simpsons, stars in this Showtime original as a clinical psychiatrist who can't shake the feeling that he can save everyone. When a tragedy occurs a little too close to home, Dr. Huff has a hard time accepting the fact that he can't save himself, let alone anyone else. Presenting the viewers with great drama makes Huff a must watch Showtime original.

Queer As Folk – Now, Queer as Folk is no longer running in new episodes, which makes it weird to mention it here. However, this show put Showtime original programming on the map, so not mentioning it would seem ridiculous as well. Now, you can buy all 5 Emmy award-winning seasons of Showtime's Queer as Folk on DVD video.



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