Protect Against Power Surges

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Is it necessary to get a surge protector if I have satellite TV service?

Protect Against Power Surges

Most household electronics can withstand a minor power surge every now and then, but if you ever have a higher-level power surge, consider this; one unprotected piece of equipment can transfer the power surge to another piece of connected equipment. A series of small power surges can degrade your electrical equipment over time. A large power surge can instantly fry a circuit and melt plastic parts. Power surges don't just come through your electrical line. They can travel through your phone lines, cable lines, and satellite TV lines.

So if you have satellite TV and never considered getting a surge protector, it may be a wise idea to protect your satellite TV box and your ability to watch your regular programming. Consider a surge protector a worthwhile insurance investment to keep your satellite TV programming running and protection for all your other related expensive electronic equipment.



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