Consolidate with a Universal Remote Controller

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Is there a simple way to juggle multiple remotes involved with having a satellite TV service along with a home entertainment system?

Consolidate with a Universal Remote Controller

Does this scene sound familiar to you? You're getting ready to sit down and watch the movie you saved with your satellite TV programmer. First you turn on the television with the TV remote. Then you move on to the set top box remote for your satellite TV or at least you try to because you accidentally picked up old DVD recorder remote. Shuffling through two more remotes, you finally find what you were looking for.

You don't have to do this every time you want to turn on your satellite TV or home entertainment system. Consolidate with one universal remote controller, which allows you to minimize the number of remote controls and program your favorite functions into one handy gadget.

The latest remote controls aren't what they used to be. Find a universal remote controller with a touch screen which can learn the functions of a remote you already own without having to enter each individual code for all your hardware. Program your remote to turn off all your electronics at once or perform a simple task like change the volume.



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