Wireless Phone Jacks to the Rescue

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What can I do if I don't have a phone jack in the wall near my satellite TV setup?

Wireless Phone Jacks to the Rescue

Imagine this scenario. You've got the perfect setup in your living room. You've placed the comfy sofa just at the right location to view your brand new high definition television. You're waiting for the installer to set up your brand new satellite TV service and then the discovery is made - you don't have a phone jack in any wall near where your set up is. Before you decide to do some fancy footwork and move things around, get a simple solution. Wireless phone jacks can replace wall phone jacks to work with the box from your satellite TV provider. Simply plug your wireless phone jack into any available electrical outlet. No wiring or phone service installation is necessary. This way, you can plan to watch your satellite TV from the plush seating you've set up, just like you planned.

*Hint: Always check for compatibility. Some wireless phone jacks may not work with some satellite TV provider boxes.



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