Portable Antennas

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Does a protable antenna have to be set up every time from outside the RV?

Portable Antennas

A portable satellite antenna is a good thing to have on the road in your RV. Many of the current generation of antennas can receive local channels wherever you may be in high definition. Older models required you to get outside and set them up every time you wanted to pull over and watch a little TV. That is not the case anymore.

You can easily find antennas out there these days, made by companies like Winegard, that can be cranked from inside the RV. This eliminates the hassle of having to go outside and climb on top to get yourself set up.

There are enough challenges on the road that watching TV shouldn't be one of them. An antenna that is built to last in just about any weather conditions and can be cranked from inside the RV makes life a lot easier.

Even when you are on the move, many of the antennas available today can go as low as four inches above your roof when not in use. This can prove to be helpful when dealing with height clearances in tunnels, toll booths and bridges.



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