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Do you hate having to pull over to watch satellite TV in your RV?

Satellite To Go

In motion satellite systems have provided RV owners with a function many thought they would never have. Now you do not have to pull over and park in order to watch television in the RV. You can be behind the wheel and the family can be watching their favorite sitcom without having to stop.

There have been several incarnations of in motion satellite systems in the past few years. But if you are considering this option, the best way to go is with a system that uses GPS technology. Instead of internal cords that can get tangled and need to unwind, causing a loss of signal, systems that incorporate GPS sidestep that pitfall.

With an in motion satellite, you can be on the road and still get excellent satellite service without signal loss or the need to pull over and remain stationary. Some of the latest models are as small as 12-inches high. This means no devices the size of a telephone pole attached to your RV. They are easy to set up and then forget about as their really is little else to do other than enjoy your shows.



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