HDTV – Growing More and More Each Day

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How much has HDTV grown in recent years?

HDTV – Growing More and More Each Day

More and more people each day are hearing about HDTV. For some, it is hard to remember life before HDTV, but for others, the technology is still far ahead of them. Did you know that only 75% of cable subscribers are aware that HDTV even exists? Would it surprise you more to learn that only a few percent of cable subscribers take advantage of HDTV? Well these facts come from the National Cable and Telecommunications Association and are very interesting.

Sales of HDTV units have risen by double over the past two years. This is greatly due to the increased programming that is available. For whatever the reason, HDTV is slowly growing in awareness and projections show that over 49% of new television purchases in the next year will be HDTV units. The number of HDTV sets that are being sold falls below the number of HDTV subscribers, but due to regulations, in a few years, all new televisions will be required to accept HDTV signals, so this number will grow even more over time.

If you have yet to look into HDTV for our home, what are you waiting for? See a display of the picture quality that comes with it and you won't wait any longer, I promise you that. See your favorite sports and TV shows in widescreen and crystal clear picture and you will never go back.



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