Discovery Channel on HDTV – Nature as You've Never Seen It

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Does HDTV have programming for nature lovers?

Discovery Channel on HDTV – Nature as You've Never Seen It

Most people will never make that safari trip they have dreamed of. Others may wish to go to Alaska but can never find the time. Television or video will never be a real substitute for these things, but through HDTV, the Discovery Channel has provided a rare view of these types of excursions. Each day, Discovery Channel HDTV is bringing parts of the world to brilliant life and into your living room.

If you are a nature buff, you should absolutely check out Discovery HD. Not only do you get all of the standard programming, but there are also exclusive programs that only appear on the HDTV version of Discovery. These include shows about animals, space, and the ocean that give you perspectives that few have ever seen. The crystal clarity of these shows make the experience the closest thing to being there.



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