Component Video – The Only Way to Connect Your High Definition Receiver

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What types of cables should I use to connect my high definition receiver?

Component Video – The Only Way to Connect Your High Definition Receiver

Many people who are using a high definition receiver are robbing themselves of the full experience. By connecting a high definition receiver to your TV with bad cables, you will not get the same quality of picture that you should. In order to get the best picture from your high definition receiver, you will want to use component video cables.

Component video cables are made up of three separate plugs all connected to one actual cable. These can be a little expensive but they are worth it. We recommend Monster Cables for your high definition receiver as they come with a great warranty and unmatched quality. You can find these at many retailers and on the Internet.

Be prepared for a better picture from your high definition receiver. Don't wait any longer. If you are not using component video cable for your HDTV, than you are truly missing out.



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