DIRECTV College Sports – No Place Else

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Can DirecTV college sports packages give more coverage than other providers?

DIRECTV College Sports – No Place Else

If March Madness drives you mad and college football makes you stand up and holler than you should get the most from your college sports television coverage. Few providers can match what DIRECTV offers for college sports. Their complete packages can keep you up to date each week with college football or basketball. Here are a few advantages of the DIRECTV college sports bundle packages.

College Basketball - You can watch up to 30 college basketball games a week with the ESPN Full Court package from DIRECTV. For only $109 a season, you can gain access to coverage of hundreds of games from all over the country – including your favorite team. All the major conferences are covered in this package for the regular season. For March Madness, DIRECTV college sports offers you an additional package that supplements the network coverage. You don't have to miss a single game again.

College Football – For the College football junkie, ESPN Game Plan offers you the fix to end all fixes. Every Saturday you can catch games from the Big Ten, PAC-10, ACC, SEC, BIG XII, Big East and Mountain West conferences with a subscription. You'll get up to 15 games each Saturday during the regular season. At $119 a season, this deal is almost too good to be true.

DIRECTV college sports programming is elite when compared to standard cable or even digital cable programs. You can get similar packages from these, however, they are still unavailable in most areas. With DIRECTV college sports, it doesn't matter where you live, just as long as your dish can see through the sky.



11/2/2006 11:36:30 AM
Jim Benes said:

DIRECTV does not offer the best college sports programming out there! Comcast does! I had DIRECTV for seven years, but just switched to Comcast due to the fact that DIRECTV won't carry the mtn. MountainWest Sports Network. It's a great channel with 24 hours of coverage of the MWC. 30 football games, 99 basketball games, plus studio shows etc. I hated leaving DIRECTV (like it much better than Comcast), but since I can get all of the ESPN packages and the mtn. on Comcast and not DIRECTV, I had to change. I know several other Mountain West fans are doing the same. Las Vegas, San Diego, Dallas/Fort Worth don't even get the mtn. on local cable and DIRECTV could make a killing having people switch from COX to them, but they still won't carry the mtn. Love DIRECTV, but it doesn't offer as much college sports action as Comcast right now.


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