NFL Sunday Ticket SuperFan – New from DIRECTV

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What is the NFL Sunday Ticket SuperFan addition this year?

NFL Sunday Ticket SuperFan – New from DIRECTV

This season, DIRECTV has enhanced their NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ to a whole new level of programming. The new feature is called SuperFan and the name couldn't be any more on the mark. There are many features that come with this add-on to the NFLSUNDAY TICKET™ and here are a few.

HD – Now you will get over 100 NFL games broadcast to you in HDTV. Any football fan that has seen a game in high definition knows that it is the only way to watch. With the NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ SuperFan addition, you can see it all and see it in high definition.

Red Zone Channel – The Red Zone Channel is dedicated specifically to live analysis and updates for this week in the NFL. As the games are going on, experts will show you key plays in every game so you can stay up to date in real time. This is a whole new addition to NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ and a welcome one at that.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ Game Mix – This feature is one that takes the cake. Now, you can watch up to 11, yes 11, games on your screen at a single time. This isn't your old picture in picture set-up. You will get dedicated small screens for each game you want to see. This is not for the small television set, but on a big enough screen, you can keep all of your friends happy on Sunday.



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