Pausing Live TV with your DVR

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What are the advantages of pausing TV with my DVR?

Pausing Live TV with your DVR

A DVR (digital video recorder) has many advantages. One of the most relied upon features is the ability to pause live TV. Let's say you get an important phone call that you have to take right before 4th down, you can pause the game and take that call without missing a thing. Absolutely need a bathroom break during a long show? Pause the show with your DVR and you can take all the time you need.

The remote control to your DVR holds the key to most of its functions. Get familiar with your DVR remote so that you can quickly use it when you really need to. When you pause, don't forget that you can also fast forward to get caught up if you like. This is great for if you simply want to skip through commercials after a break. Just pause the DVR and when you return, you can pick right back up where you left off and also fast forward through the next commercial break.



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