Fixing Space Problems on a Digital Video Recorder

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How can I free up space on my digital video recorder?

Fixing Space Problems on a Digital Video Recorder

Most people who get a digital video recorder get carried away at first and record everything that is on the TV. Soon they realize that there is simply not enough space on the digital video recorder to save it all. Choices then have to be made as to which shows will stay and which will be deleted. There are a few ways to remedy your space problems on your digital video recorder and here are a few.

First, you can simply delete older recordings that you no longer need. Once you watch an episode of TV, what are the chances you will watch it again? Certain shows fall into this category but most are watched once and never seen again. Once you have watched these, delete them from your digital video recorder and that will immediately free up a bunch of storage space.

The other way to clean up your memory on your digital video recorder is to export the files to another device. Not all digital video recorders give you this option. The TIVO is an example of a digital video recorder that allows you to plug into a computer and store them there. Most computers have far more storage space than a digital video recorder, but most people won't keep them on the computer for long. Once you have cleaned the memory of your digital video recorder and moved files on the computer, these can then be stored on portable media devices such as CDs or DVDs. Then these programs can truly be archived and you will have a lot of space back on your digital video recorder.



2/2/2012 1:28:36 PM
debbie said:

I have this same problem but I have a Directv DVR
Can I do the same with it? If so , do you know how?
thank you


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