Record Multiple Shows on a DirecTV DVR

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Can I record multiple shows at one time on a DirecTV DVR?

Record Multiple Shows on a DirecTV DVR

Now that television is getting some good shows again, some nights, people have to choose between watching two of their favorites. This can even happen with three shows for the real TV buff. With a DirecTV DVR, these problems have easy solutions. These units give you the ability to record two shows at once, and you can watch your third one live.

Here is how to record multiple shows at a time. First, use your Guide to find the first program you wish to record. Set the time, channel, and length of recording for that program and then exit out. Next, go back to the guide and repeat the process for the second show. There may be an alert from your DirecTV DVR that you already have a scheduled recording during that time and confirming that you wish to record both. Choose yes to this and you will be all set.

When your shows are about to air, you may get a message alerting you that recordings are about to start. Simply exit out of that message and you can watch either show then and the other one later. Never miss another episode because your VCR didn't record in the other room. Get a DirecTV DVR and record them all in one place.



9/3/2007 2:19:25 AM
steve said:

you can record 2 shows at the same time, but you CAN'T watch a THIRD show live @ the same time. The third show you watch must be from your list of previously stored recordings.


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