Hate Commercials? Get a DirecTV TIVO!

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Can I skip through commercials with a DirecTV TIVO?

Hate Commercials? Get a DirecTV TIVO!

What is the worst part of watching television? If you are like most people, you answer this question with a resounding ‘COMMERCIALS!' Sure, the Super Bowl gives you a few funny ones, but when you are watching a fast paced new TV show, nothing can kill the mood like a long commercial break. Well, today there is a way to never need to sit through another commercial that has absolutely no appeal to you. It comes with a DirecTV TIVO.

With a DirecTV TIVO you can fast forward through commercials on any show you want. There are a few things to know about to get it right, and sometimes it takes people a while to figure it out. With this article, you can know right away the correct way to do it. First, start by adding approximately 8 minutes to the start time of any half hour show you watch. The key to being able to fast-forward through commercials is to have your DirecTV TIVO recording from the beginning but paused right away. This builds up the necessary time for you to fast forward. There are about 8 minutes of commercials per half hour of TV, so adding this to the time you start watching gets you all the way through the show. For an hour long show, double it to 16 minutes.

Some people have a tough time figuring out how to use their DirecTV TIVO to skip commercials, because there is no actual command for it. Of course you cannot fast forward ‘live' TV. But using this method allows you to skip through your commercials and still finish the show at the same time as your friend so you can call them right afterwards to talk about what happened.



4/22/2009 11:41:30 PM
Ralph said:

This part -- getting a bit ahead so you can fast forward -- is pretty obvious to me. What I want to know is how to fast forward in increments of 30 seconds or 1 minute, so I don't have to concentrate on when to press the Play button to go back to watching the show. Concentrating that hard -- to avoid missing the beginning of the next segment of the show -- is almost as stressful as watching the commercials!

This tip is probably useful to a rank DVR beginner, but it's overbilled here.


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