Transfer of Data – A Huge Advantage to the TIVO

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Can I burn shows that I have on my TIVO to DVD or CD?

Transfer of Data – A Huge Advantage to the TIVO

Digital video recorders have revolutionized video and video storage. Many subscribers choose to record movies or television shows would prefer to take them from their DVR and store them on DVDs or CDs. One of the only DVR units that has a reliable way to do this is the TIVO. The TIVO DVR is the original and it has stayed at the top for a reason. One of the biggest reasons is the ability to export your stored media to a computer or other storage device.

If you want to burn your TIVO'd programs for longer storage and to free up necessary space on your recorder, you can connect your computer to your TIVO unit. Once connected, you can export your programs onto a specific drive and folder. These transferred files can then be burned using a standard CD or DVD recorder. This will save you from needing to delete older programs that you really would rather save.

Having the ability to export your saved programs from your TIVO is one of the best ways to maximize your TIVO experience. Now, you can record indefinitely and always have a simple way to clear off space for the next recording.



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This makes DirecTV worth using!


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