Scheduling a Recording on your DVR

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How do I set up a scheduled recording on my DVR?

Scheduling a Recording on your DVR

One of the biggest benefits of a DVR is the ability to schedule recording for the future. Let's say that a special is on in a few days that you absolutely do not want to miss. With a DVR you can go ahead and schedule that recording today in just a matter of seconds. Here is a step by step on how to do this on most typical DVR units.

First, go to your ‘guide'. This is the interactive menu that shows you what shows are on now and in the future. Browse to the date that your show will be airing on. Once you have found the date, scroll to the channel and locate the exact show you want to record. Now, there should be a ‘record' button on your DVR and you will want to push that now. The DVR will then ask you about the specifics of the recording including times, channel, and length to store the show. You can choose to store it for a pre-set number of days or indefinitely if you do not know when you will have time to watch it.

Finally, you will be asked to confirm your recording and then you are all set. When the show airs, your DVR will do the job of recording and storing the show. If you get home in time to catch the second half, you can simply rewind your DVR back to the beginning of the live program and watch it from the start. You can even skip through the commercials now.



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