3 Things to know when you buy a Digital Video Recorder

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What should I know about a digital video recorder before I buy one?

3 Things to know when you buy a Digital Video Recorder

Purchasing a new gadget or piece of technology should always include a little self-education about what you are getting. When it comes to a digital video recorder, there are many features and tidbits of knowledge that you should know. Having this knowledge at hand will help you ensure you make the smartest purchase. Here are three of these things.

  1. Storage Space – How much storage space do you need? Digital video recorders come with different size hard drives, much like a computer. The difference is these are measured in hours instead of gigabytes. If you plan on recording a lot of television that you plan on saving for a long time, you will want to get at least a 70 hour digital video recorder and nothing less.
  2. Outputs – Would you like to transfer your recorded shows or movies onto your laptop to burn them to DVD? Well, not all digital video recorders have this ability. When you are looking around, make sure that the model you are looking has video and audio outputs as well as inputs.
  3. HD Recording – As high definition television becomes more prevalent, more people will want to record this programming and be able to watch it without losing quality. Double check that your unit can record and playback HD in HD quality. Not every digital video recorder has the same capabilities when it comes to high definition signals.



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