Getting a DirecTV DVR instead of an Aftermarket DVR

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Does DirecTV offer its own DVR unit?

Getting a DirecTV DVR instead of an Aftermarket DVR

There is much hype about DVR units and specifically Tivo for recording television. Subscribers to satellite TV have unique options to choose from and one of them is the DirecTV DVR. DirecTV offers their own DVR unit and it is a solid competitor for any out there. Here are a few key points, directly from DirecTV about their DVR unit.

  • Automatically record every episode of your favorite shows, even if they change days or times.
  • Pause live TV, rewind, watch in slow-motion and create instant replays.
  • Record two shows at the same time*, even while you watch another recorded show.
  • Fast-forward, pause and rewind your recorded shows — you have complete control.
  • Automatically record shows that match your interests, such as favorite actors, sports teams or genres.
  • Digitally record up to 70 hours of your favorite DIRECTV® programming. Each of these features of the DirecTV DVR will depend on the model that you get.

However, they each pack a similar recording punch and if you are looking to make the move to satellite TV, don't go without a DVR unit.



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