Tivo – The Kleenex of DVR Units

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What makes Tivo unique from other DVRs?

Tivo – The Kleenex of DVR Units

Remember when Xerox meant the company? Now, anytime you want to make a copy, most people call it a Xerox copy, even if it is done on a Canon printer. Just like every tissue paper is now called Kleenex, Xerox had some trouble protecting their brand name. The same is happening to Tivo. Because they were the first on the block when it came to DVR units, almost every DVR now, whether from a cable provider, satellite TV provider, or anywhere else, is referred to as a Tivo.

There are benefits to having an actual Tivo unit. There is always a reason that these brands get assimilated into common parlance and for Tivo it is because they are the tops. For example, a Tivo can work with any digital cable reception. As opposed to a DVR from your cable company which can only be used with their reception, a Tivo can be used for cable or satellite receptions. Another great aspect of the Tivo is their storage capacity. Most non-Tivo DVRs will not offer the amount of storage space that the Tivo offers.

For these reasons and many more, Tivo has cemented themselves at the tops of the digital video recording boom. You can find a Tivo at any number of retailers or on the Internet. Order one for yourself and you will see that there is hardly a match for the original.



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