Installing a TV Satellite Dish on a Boat

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Can I get a TV satellite dish for my boat?

Installing a TV Satellite Dish on a Boat

Those of us who love the open seas can sometimes need stimulation beyond the waves. Most of us have been caught in the rainstorm that makes you baton down the hatches and get under for a while to stay dry. Those of us who have a TV satellite dish on board don't mind so much as we have plenty to watch as the storm rolls by. If you are interested in installing a TV satellite dish on your boat, the process is pretty simple.

First, figure out which provider that you want to use. There is little sense to installing the TV satellite dish until you have gotten your subscription set up.

Once you have, ask your provider what models they suggest for boats. They will deliver you the parts that you need to get the dish installed. You can choose to install the TV satellite dish yourself with the right tools. Most people are better off getting a professional to do the job because there is some wiring and drilling involved. I know that I hate the thought of drilling anywhere into my boat. These professionals not only have the experience, but their work is insured should anything go wrong.

Don't get stuck in another rainstorm without something to keep the family or friends occupied. Install a TV satellite dish on your vessel and stay entertained, even when the weather is trying to stop you.



11/13/2007 11:27:08 AM
WWest said:

i have tried to get directv to come out and instal on my boat twice. and both times they came out, the installer said he couldn't do it. but then when i call directv, they say they can. what's the deal? it is not possible?


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