3 Must Haves for any Satellite Subscriber

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What are some features of satellite TV that I should know about?

3 Must Haves for any Satellite Subscriber

If you subscribe to satellite TV, there are a few features that you should absolutely look into. For the best overall satellite experience, you will want to learn more about these options and order those that interest you.

  1. Digital Video Recorder – What is the point in having satellite reception of so many shows and movies if you often miss them when they air? If you have this problem, look into a digital video recorder. These units can record dozens of hours of movies, television, and other programming provided by satellite TV.
  2. Sports Packages – Some professional sports have exclusive agreements with satellite TV to broadcast their games. Most known is the NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ which offers their league package only to DIRECTV subscribers. Other packages for college and professional sports are also available, so ask your satellite provider, which are available to you.
  3. Multiple Units – Depending on whether you wish to watch different programming simultaneously, you may need multiple units to see different satellite programming on multiple televisions. If this is the case, ask your provider about discounts on multiple boxes. You will only need your one dish, but these extra units can save you from many nights of fighting with the kids over what to watch.



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