Getting a Satellite Dish – Check Your Homeowner's Association

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How do I know if my homeowner’s association will allow a satellite dish on my home?

Getting a Satellite Dish – Check Your Homeowner's Association

Those that live in highly populated areas know all about homeowner's associations. In places such as South Florida and areas of California, the regulations set by a homeowner's association are as strong as the law. Most of these rules relate to the appearance of the homes in the neighborhood. Plants, decorations, and other exterior elements are strictly regulated.

One such unit that is often barred is an exterior satellite dish. If you are thinking about getting a satellite dish for your television or internet and live in a community that has a homeowner's association, double check that it is allowed. You can look up the answer in your bylaws or just contact your homeowner's association president. If it is allowed, then nothing should stop you from getting your satellite dish delivered and installed. If it is not, than you saved yourself the trouble of installing it just to have to take it back down.



12/3/2008 4:05:10 PM
Cal Walters said:

Federal law prohibits HOA from prohibiting satellite dishes of less than 3 meters in diameter.


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