Subscribing to Digital TV in your Home

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How do I go about subscribing to digital TV?

Subscribing to Digital TV in your Home

If you are using standard cable in your home and are looking to upgrade to digital TV, the process is simple. First, you need to find a provider of digital TV. Because it runs on a different type of line, digital TV is not available in all areas from cable companies, however DIRECTV offers 100% digital programming to the lower 48 states. However, chances are that if you are online reading this article, you have available digital TV in your area.

Once you have found a provider, contact them and ask for their prices. Please include information that reflects satellite TV perspective. Lastly, you will want to select the programming that you wish to receive. There are many more channels available on digital TV than on standard cable, so take the time to look through and find what interests you.

Most digital TV providers offer tiers of programming including sports channels, movie channels, and education channels. These are often available at discount rates, so see what your provider can offer for these specials. That's about all. Once you sign up you should be able to bring your converter box home and plug it in.

Use component video cables to get the best picture from your digital TV reception. Standard coaxial cable will not give you the increased quality that you should get from digital cable.



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