Options for Recording your Favorite TV Show

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What options are there for recording a TV show at home?

Options for Recording your Favorite TV Show

Remember when the VCR was the only way to record television? Well, thankfully, those days are behind us and higher quality options have come onto the market. If you like recording your favorite TV show and want to know some ways that you may do it differently than you are now, here are a few options that you may want to look into.

  • DVR – DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. You have probably heard of it as TiVo. TiVo has become like ‘Kleenex' in that almost all DVR units are referred to as TiVo's. However, TiVo is just a name brand and they are not the only DVR on the block. Check with a TV provider to see if they have a DVR unit that you can purchase or lease along with your monthly service.
  • DVD Recorder – Most homes now have DVD players to watch their favorite movies with. A few years ago, you could get a DVD recorder, but you would pay quite a bit for the technology. Now, the technology has been fine tuned for mass production and a DVD recorder can be purchased for as little as a high quality DVD player. Burnable DVD's are also now very inexpensive and you can buy re-recordable ones so that you can get more life out of one disc.
  • VCR – Some options never change, and the VCR is still as reliable as any other option. With the improvements that have been made to the tapes on the market, recording a TV show with a VCR will now give you better quality over multiple recordings than in the past.



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