The Guide – The Best Thing about Digital TV

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What is one of the biggest benefits of digital TV?

The Guide – The Best Thing about Digital TV

The benefits of digital TV are too many to list. Also, different providers offer different perks. However, there is one standard that all digital TV providers meet and that is the ability to use the Guide to search for upcoming programming. Subscribers to digital TV don't need me to tell them how it works. But for those that have never used it, here is a breakdown of how this Guide makes TV more convenient.

With the Guide, you can search for programming up to a week in the future. This is all local and national programming, so you can count on it being accurate 99% of the time. Now, searching sounds good, but when you look at it even closer it is more than good, it's awesome. You can search each date by title, channel, or even theme. If you heard about a show that you couldn't quite remember the name of, the Guide will get you the answer quickly.

If you forget what day your favorite show comes on, you can use the Guide to double check whether it is 3 days away or 6. Digital TV is definitely the future of television and we are living in that future.



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