New Shows that are Must See TV

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Which TV shows should I add to my regular viewing schedule?

New Shows that are Must See TV

For a few years, the boom of ‘reality' TV seemed to squelch out any good, new shows. Today, people have finally caught on to the lack of reality in ‘reality' TV and the networks have responded with TV shows that are edge-of-your-seat winners. Some of these are not too new, but are worth mentioning here because I meet people everyday who has yet to watch them. Here are three of my favorites.

  • Lost – This is by far top of the list. In its second season right now, Lost came on with a storm and won the Emmy award for best Drama… in its first season on the air! The second season has not let off and is currently seeing some of the highest TV ratings any show has seen in years. Follow the survivors of the crash each week as they do whatever they can to survive. This show airs on ABC with new episodes on Wednesday nights.
  • The Shield – Now, the Shield has actually already had 3 seasons, which hardly makes it new. However, airing on FX has kept this TV show from catching on as much as it should. Possibly the most realistic inner-city police show ever, the Shield follows anti-hero Vic Mackey through trying to manage his family and his squad all at one time. If you have not watched the Shield, the new season begins soon and you should pick it up on your TV schedule.
  • Surface – Our last example is a truly new show. Just in its first season now, this sci-thriller from NBC follows different people chasing the same target – a species of aquatic life that has apparently come back after millennia of dormancy. With good character development and exceptional special effects (for TV) this show keeps you wanting more after each new episode on Monday nights.



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