NFL Package from DIRECTV

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Can I get all NFL games on DirecTV each week?

NFL Package from DIRECTV

Any fan of the NFL gets frustrated when their favorite Sunday game is not being aired on their local television coverage. Most will end up heading out to a sports bar or restaurant in order to watch their game. What many do not realize is that the only thing those places have that their homes do not have is the NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ package from DIRECTV.

DIRECTV has the exclusive rights to air all NFL games on any given Sunday. Ordering a DIRECTV® System just to see NFL games may seem slightly ridiculous, but when you include all of the other features that come with having DIRECTV® service, it makes a little more sense.

Most of the die-hard NFL fans out there have made the switch from their digital cable over to DIRECTV just for this reason. If you have yet to check out DIRECTV® service for your home, but are interested in seeing your favorite NFL game every week, contact a DIRECTV Preferred Online Retailer for quote on a system for your home. After comparing the costs with your current cable set-up, you may be surprised at the cost savings.



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