A Few Tips Interactive TV Offers with DVRs

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What are some tips on interactive TV DVRs offer?

A Few Tips Interactive TV Offers with DVRs

Looking for a few tips interactive TV has to offer? DIRECTV offers DVRs with an Electronic Programming Guide allowing you to program and record your favorite shows several days in advance. You'll be able to pause and re-watch a scene from live programming or record your favorite reality show while you're away. Here's a list of a few tips interactive TV from DIRECTV offers:

• DVRs have up to 100 hours of recording time capability.
• Use your DVR to record two of your favorite shows at the same time.
• Record the entire season of your favorite show, even if it moves to a new show time.
• Tell your DVR who your favorite actor, actress, or director is, and it will find and record the shows for you.



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