High-speed Internet Access: DIRECTV vs. Cable

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Is DSL Internet service or cable Internet service better?

High-speed Internet Access: DIRECTV vs. Cable

It used to be that Internet access was only available through the slow process of modem phone lines. These days, it's common to find high-speed Internet service through your local television cable provider as part of their monthly service fee. The other option for high-speed Internet access is a DSL service where satellite companies have partnered with your local phone company.

Debating between getting your Internet service from a satellite TV provider like DIRECTV vs. cable? If you subscribe to satellite TV, it might be worth your while to go through your satellite TV provider to add a DSL service for a nominal fee. In a 2004 survey by J.D. Power and Associates, thousands of U.S. residents participated in a poll on overall satisfaction with their Internet service. The winner in seven areas of customer satisfaction, including billing, business image, costs, customer service, email, promotions, and reliability, was DSL. The clear winner here in DIRECTV vs. cable is DIRECTV.



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